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WhatsApp said in a statement recently that users who do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, after some time they will be able to use limited access to certain features of WhatsApp. However, earlier it was said that the WhatsApp account of those who do not accept the privacy policy will be deleted. However, in the latest statement, WhatsApp has once again changed its tone. Now the company says that users who do not accept the new privacy policy will not be limited to a few features.

According to the latest news, WhatsApp has clarified that the company has no plans to limit users who have not yet accepted the company’s new privacy policy to a few features. “Given recent discussions with multiple authorities and privacy experts, we would like to clarify how WhatsApp may work for those who have not accepted the update and limit WhatsApp features,” the company said in a statement. We do not have any plans in this regard. Instead, we will be reminding the users of updates from time to time.” First The Verge and then now android central This news has been confirmed by

Let us tell you, earlier time till May 15 was given to accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. However, even then Neat It was done that the WhatsApp account of the user who does not accept the update will not be deleted nor will anyone’s account stop working. However, he will keep reminding the users of updates from time to time. Regarding the reminder, WhatsApp also said that “If you do not accept the updated Terms and Privacy Policy by then, you will be able to use certain features of WhatsApp for limited use.” It was believed that non-acceptance of the new policy would not result in users’ accounts being closed or deleted, but would limit the use of certain features.

However, now the company has also removed this concern of the users. This has certainly proved to be a relief news for the users.

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