Xiaomi’s first laptop may be launched next year: Report

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi can introduce laptops in the coming days after introducing products from the health, sports and gear categories. In a new report, interesting information has been given about the company’s first laptop. It has been claimed in the report that like the company’s smartphone, there will be a tremendous balance between price and performance in laptops too.

Last month, Xiaomi’s hardware partner Inventec had said that Xiaomi’s first laptop could be launched in 2016. This claim has been confirmed in a recent report. Digitimes Quoting its sources, has informed that there will be two models of laptops. One with 12.5 inch display and the other with 13.3 inch display. Their production will start in the first quarter of 2016.

The report informs that the company has placed an order of 250,000 units for the 12.5-inch model and 500,000 units for the 13.3-inch model. For the 13.3-inch model, the company has tied up with Comple Electronics.

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