With time, the trend of some such smartphones changed…

Just as the fashion of hairstyles, clothes, footwear, watches changed, in the same way the fashion of mobile phones also changed from time to time. First of all, it was surprising about the mobile phone that how a small but heavy piece of plastic, connects wirelessly with a person sitting far away. When we understood this technology, then came the era of mobile phone design. Sometimes we like to lift the phone with flip cover again and again and sometimes we wondered why this cover has been given unnecessarily on the phone. Then we slide the slider and press a lot of numbers and as a ‘status symbol’ the slider phone has made its own place.

Then came the trend of giving a unique look to the entire phone. Sometimes the display was curved and sometimes there was an attempt to grab the attention of the people by giving the handset a huge size. Sometimes the keypad was made QWERTY by giving ‘computer keyboard’ design and sometimes a new experiment was done by giving shape to the feature phone. Today we talked about this ‘fashionable’ era of mobile phones, in which the world of mobile phones changed from time to time.

The era of flip phones attracted a lot of people. Phones like Samsung Convoy, LG 450, Moto Razr V3, Nokia N93, Blackberry 9760 fueled the flip phone fashion. The ‘Moto Razr series’ phones have been seen as a status symbol in the country for a long time. In these, a flip cover (lid) was given above the part of the regular keypad, which when raised up would raise the phone itself. In some flip phones the screen could be seen from outside. Which used to show related details at the time of call and ‘time and date’ at rest. Talking by opening the flip cover when the phone came, used to attract everyone’s attention in one round. In that era of feature phones, most of the avid users wanted to buy a flip phone.

A slider phone refers to a shutter on top of the regular keypad portion. During calls or normal use, the top part of the phone has to be moved upwards. Phones like Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini, MTS Slider, Blackberry 9810, Onida Slider, Nokia C6 created quite a stir in the world of ‘Slide’. Blackberry 9810 was very crazy in some era. Later, there were complaints of malfunction in the slider of ‘Slider Phone’ and people felt that the phone was getting damaged due to repeated slides. Due to not getting better repairing and service and the fashion getting old, people started leaving it.

Unique means something different. Such mobile phones also came in the market and attracted a lot of people. Nokia 8110, also known as ‘Banana Phone’. This phone was so memorable that the company also recently launched the Nokia 8110 4G smartphone. Similarly, phones like LG GFlex series, Samsung Galaxy Round, Blackberry Passport with curved screens have made headlines for being ‘somewhat different’. Presently too, there are phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Nokia 8 Sirocco with ‘curved edges’ which grab the attention of the users.

Qwerty actually refers to the keypad designed for a computer keyboard. Nokia’s Symbian OS series and especially Blackberry brought QWERTY to their mobile phones. The memories of Blackberry Curve 9320, Blackberry Q10, Nokia C3, Nokia E63 will be fresh in people’s mind till now. Most of the phones in this series were called ‘business phones’ because they helped professional users to do e-mails etc. Those whose fingers were set on the computer keyboard had to keep in mind the correct placement of their letters. Phones with QWERTY keypads were in trend for a long time and over time people rejected them due to lack of design, specification and fashion.

Touch Screen
If the display itself becomes the interface, then what can be more convenient than this. Something similar happened after the arrival of touch screen smartphones. The good thing was that the virtual keyboard was visible on the display. And now the phone was no longer just a phone, it has become an internet device. The touch screen was an experiment that is still in practice.

large display
The era of big displays had come before but people adopted them for a short time then. Some complained about not being ‘comfortable’, while some called such a big screen ‘unnecessary’. In the current era, the era of the big screen again picked up and the talk reached the bezel lace and curved edges. Now phones with 18: 9 and 19: 9 aspect ratios are also present in the market. Now the logic behind the big screen is that it is helpful in using multiple apps, movies, videos and regular use at the same time. Yes, earlier some big screen phones used to be heavy and thick too, due to which people really found it difficult to handle them. Today in bigger screen options we have – Google Pixel 2XL, Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi Mi Max 2, OnePlus 5T, Nokia 7 Plus.

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