India’s known web developer and app guru Imran Khan has told all the things related to the app TikTok, apart from the ban imposed by the government on Chinese apps. In today’s time a user must know.


The present time in front of Indian app developers is no less than a challenge. Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for making India self-reliant, in the meantime, due to tensions with China, many apps like Tiktok are banned. Now one cannot turn away from the fact that Tiktok is a hugely popular app. So the question arises that why Indian app developers have not been able to gift any such app to the world. The country’s well-known web developer and app guru Imran Khan is telling, all the things related to the app, the questions related to which are in the mind of every user.

What is the secret of success of Instagram, Tiktok and WhatsApp?

In order to attract users, it is necessary that the companies making new apps understand the needs of the customers. Give them something they feel they need. After all, how are people’s minds read? How is the user attracted? When it comes to the popularity of an app, three things are important in it.

App Development- The app should not only meet the needs of the users but also be user friendly. Have a smooth experience. Like WhatsApp works, but other messaging apps like it do not work. The apps should also be continuously updated. This removes the flaws. Any big company can do it easily.

Theme – If an app is made keeping one theme in the center, then it is more successful. Like Tiktok video creation and Instagram are mainly made for photos. Popular apps usually climb the ladder of success only with a particular theme.

Proper Marketing and Advertising- It is still easy to make an app but it is very difficult to reach it to everyone. Big companies win here. They also promote a small product well. The number of popular Indian apps is very less. Like in the field of education, BYJU’s has a lot of name. You will get to see its advertisement everywhere in social media, TV, newspaper. If you ask any child the name of the education app, he will immediately remember Shahrukh Khan and take the name of BYJU’s. The whole game is about marketing. It is also funded by Facebook.

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Imran Khan of Alwar popularly known as App Guru with PM Modi


Why do Indian apps get defeated?

Creating and promoting an app are two different things. Common man can make it but from where will the promotion money come? Most of the Indian apps are defeated here. Big company has a good budget. If a startup or any developer has made it, then it should get any funding. Overall, the bigger the sponsors, the better the team becomes. Expenses are increased. Content writers are also hired. Good advertisement is prepared.

Imran says, ‘Indians are not capable, I do not believe that. Indians are making all these in big companies around the world. It is sad that the talent of our own people is not valued that much in our country. I am still fortunate that PM Modi mentioned me at Wembley Stadium. Even after that, everything has to be done on its own level. When the government needs an app, the officials contact me.

I make them and give them with my own resources, without government support. It gives me pleasure to do this work. feels good. Think of it as service to the country.

It is also necessary for us Indians to know and understand about cyber security.

Contact, gallery, location and many other personal information is taken through the app. These details are taken by everyone, not only Tiktok or only the Chinese app. Since 95% of the users of our country are not aware of cyber security. So they go on doing all the ok and give them permission to access their personal information. As a result they become a victim of hacking.

How much is government interference in the case of apps?

All the companies follow the rules and guidelines. Only after that an app is launched in the market. Even if there is any discrepancy, the government can take action only when there is a complaint. As some people raised the privacy issue regarding Zoom, the risk of hacking was also said. Even if that wasn’t the whole truth. But any such complaint is thoroughly investigated and necessary action is taken.

Tiktok was there even before, but when there was tension between India and China, its opposition started gaining momentum. In general, if the government does not promote, then it does not even demote. As it goes, it goes on.

competition game
As in every field, competition is an important issue here too. As in zoom there was not so much trouble as shown. Big companies are still using it today. It happened that as soon as the corona epidemic came and people did not have any means of interaction, then zoom became very popular very fast. Soon the number of its users kept increasing.

In such a situation, Google, Microsoft had to feel bad because till now they were the only heroes. When there is a sense of competition, pressure is also created by their respective lobbies. That’s what happened. Here the evil of Zoom started, while Google Meet started coming into use. Zoom in is the best in today’s date. Those IT companies are also using Zoom.

As far as ‘JIO’ is concerned, at present it is nothing but a copy, not even of that quality. Yes, one can be happy that if an Indian app has landed in the market, then it is correct. frequent updates

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