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WhatsApp is actively working on a vacation mode feature that will allow users to keep the chat in ‘archived chat’ even when a new message arrives. Right now, WhatsApp unarchives the archived chat whenever a new message arrives, but vacation mode will prevent that from happening. The latest WhatsApp for Android beta brings improvements to this vacation mode feature and indicates that WhatsApp is rapidly developing this mode. It can be expected that this feature will be released in the coming days.

The instant messaging platform has released WhatsApp Beta for Android and WABetaInfo has released all the newly developed features from the app’s code. figured out Is. WhatsApp Features Tracker has detected the Vacation Mode feature in the app. This shows that work is on fast on the new feature in the app. As we mentioned, due to the new feature, even after new messages received in the app, that chat will not come out of the archived chat. Currently, if a chat is archived and a new message comes in, that chat is taken out of the archive. In the last beta update, WhatsApp stopped muted archive chats from being archived automatically when new messages arrived, but this new beta release shows that WhatsApp users can enable chats to keep the chats in the archive. No need to mute.

Apart from this, some changes have also been noticed in the interface of the app, for example, “Archived Chats” may come at the top of your chat list once the vacation mode is enabled for better visibility. In this update, WhatsApp is also working on a ‘new banner archived chats feature’ that reads, (translated) “Add the chats you want to keep mute here”, with the new message Chat Main Chat Will not return to the list. This indicates that the behavior of the archived chat function will change for all archived chats.

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