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A new malware has come to WhatsApp. It has been spread for the purpose of earning money through advertising, but a security researcher says that people spreading it can also steal user’s personal or financial information through it. This malware comes through a message. A link has been given in this message, which when clicked opens a fake Google Play page of Huawei Mobile App. As soon as it is installed, malware also comes in the user’s mobile. The dangerous thing is that this malware gains access to the user’s contact list and sends messages to the user’s WhatsApp contacts without his knowledge.

Malware researcher Lukas Stefanko (@LukasStefanko), working for ESET, wrote a Video It has been shared, which clearly shows how this malware works. First of all, the user will get a message, which will be tempted to win the mobile for free and also a link will be included in the message. Now if the user clicks on this link out of greed, a fake Google Play page of Huawei Mobile App will open in the browser. This page looks exactly like Google Play. If the user downloads and installs this app, then like you apps, this app also asks the user for multiple access to the phone. It takes over your phone as soon as you give access. Stefanko has called this malware ‘Worm’.

The researcher says that this WhatsApp malware has been designed in such a way that it uses the quick reply feature of Android. This means that as soon as you receive a WhatsApp message, this malware will automatically reply to that message and you will not even know. This message will also have the text winning free mobile and the same link will be included. If this is the reason why this malware is becoming increasingly viral. Lukas says that this malware is sending messages every hour.

Not only this, Stefanko believes that at the moment this malware is spread only for the purpose of earning money by showing ads, but it can also be used to get personal and financial information of users.

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