What did WhatsApp change the privacy policy, there was a ruckus all over the world. Mountains of questions broke over the Facebook-owned instant messaging app. People believe that now WhatsApp will share more personal data of the user to Facebook than before. This is the reason that millions of people started using Signal and Telegram messaging apps in the last few days. Seeing the massive exodus, the messaging platform released several statements and even clarified the new policy to users using the status feature on its own platform. Now if you are still confused about how secure the new instant messaging app is, then we are telling you some things. After that whether to use it or not, the decision is yours.

WhatsApp in its Privacy Policy (WhatsApp New Privacy Policy) at the beginning of the year made changes And passed these changes to all users. Users who opened their WhatsApp for the first time after the policy was implemented, were informed about the policy update and also given an ‘Agree’ option. Users were also given time till February 8 to accept the policy and were told that those who do not accept it, their account will be deleted. What was it then, there was a ruckus in the whole world. There were many points in the policy, which were talking about sharing data with Facebook. Due to this people have boycotted WhatsApp. The decision to choose Telegram and Signal started doing

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Now looking at the exodus in the last few weeks WhatsApp issued statements several times And also taking advantage of the status feature of its app, started spreading cleanliness to all the users. given in this status information are as follows:-

1. WhatsApp says they can’t see users’ personal messages or listen to their calls, and Facebook can’t. WhatsApp says that everything you share stays with you. This is because your personal messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp also promised (translated) that “we will never undermine this security and we clearly label each chat so you know our commitment.”

2. In another point, the instant messaging app has clarified that they do not collect logs of messages and calls made by users to other users. They say that this information is collected by telecom companies, but WhatsApp believes that keeping the data of 2 trillion people is a privacy and security risk, so they do not do it.

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3. The third point says (translated) “We cannot see your shared location, and neither can Facebook. When you share your location with someone on WhatsApp, your location is protected by end-to-end encryption.” Which means your location can only be seen by you and the person to whom you have shared the location.

4. WhatsApp says in the next point that “We do not share your contacts with Facebook. When you give us access, we only use the phone number from your phone book, and we do not share your contacts with other Facebook apps.” Do not share contact list.

5. The next point says “We use group memberships to send messages and protect our service from spam. We do not share this data with Facebook for advertising purposes. These individual chats are end-to-end encrypted.” so that we can’t see their content.”

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WhatsApp has also given two suggestions in the end. WhatsApp says that users can set their messages to Disappear. Let us tell you that this feature automatically deletes the messages sent by you as soon as the specified time limit is over. Apart from this, users have been suggested that they can also download their data. With this, the user can see which of his data is with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp says that these changes have been made only for business accounts. FAQ page But the company wrote that (translated) “We are working to better support the 175 million people who message a business account every day. This update is related to optional business features through which we do business.” We are striving to make communication with you safer, better and easier than ever before.”

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