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A suspicious app is being seen nowadays by the name of WhatsApp Pink. This app once installed can easily steal your phone data. Through this hacker can control your phone. It is seen that a message is being sent to the user. A link is given in this message. On clicking, a pink colored WhatsApp messenger app appears. It has been said that it gives the same experience as the existing WhatsApp app is giving. Along with this, some new features are also being offered in it. Clicking on it will not change your experience but a malicious app will be downloaded in your phone immediately. This app has nothing to do with WhatsApp or Facebook.

Cyber ​​security researcher Rajshekhar Rajhariya has made a tweet. It has been informed that nowadays an app named WhatsApp Pink is being seen a lot. in this tweet The researcher has also shown several screenshots of how the user can use this app. WhatsApp Understands.

Rajasekhar told Gadgets 360, “Once installed, this Fake WhatsApp message automatically starts circulating a message saying click on this link to download. The hacker’s motive is through this app. The data of more and more users seems to be stolen.

He said that more and more police department and media department users are being targeted by WhatsApp Pink. Such links have been sent to many police officers in Delhi and Rajasthan. Rajshekhar Rajhariya told that he was told about the WhatsApp Pink app by Data Ram Yadav, a Delhi Police Inspector. Data Ram Yadav had seen the message issued by this app in a WhatsApp group of the police.

In a statement to Gadgets 360, WhatsApp said, “Such unusual and suspicious messages can be sent to any person. Not just WhatsApp, such messages can also be sent over email or any other Internet service app.” We advise users to be careful before opening any suspicious messages. As far as WhatsApp is concerned, we urge users to use the tools provided in WhatsApp itself like Report, Report A Use contact and block contact.”

This is not the first time that a fake version of WhatsApp has come up. Even before this, once users have been attacked by WhatsApp Gold variant. WhatsApp Gold was also created by hackers to steal users’ data.

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