It often happens that for some work you need your passport, but you do not get it. Even if you have fixed a place in the house to keep government papers or any urgent document, but you often forget to keep it there.

Ever wondered how many government documents do you have? Normally the wallet contains Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card and PAN Card and passport at home. Apart from this, income tax return papers, property tax receipts and educational certificates of school and college, all these documents are kept in a safe place so that they can be easily found at the time of need.

If seen, the number of such documents is very high and it is not easy to manage them, perhaps even the government should realize this. Starting the Digital India week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday officially launched the digital locker service DigiLocker (DIGILocker), though its soft launch has already happened.

After all, what is DigiLocker? This is a website where you can store all your government documents. For this you will need your Aadhar card (number). Although it has not been said officially, but we see this as an attempt to bring all government documents under the protection of Aadhar card. As a result, having Aadhar card will become even more necessary in the coming times.

Aadhar number has to be entered to register on the website. After this an SMS will come on your registered mobile, then by entering the one time password you will be able to access the DIGILocker website for the first time. By the way, you can create a new password immediately or link DIGILocker to your Google or Facebook login.

After signing up you can upload all your government documents on DigiLocker. Currently, this locker has 10MB of storage, but you can save Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) of government documents using DIGILocker.

Its purpose is to do away with the need to keep every document together. If your birth certificate and education certificate are available online and you apply for a passport, the passport office may ask DIGILocker for more information about you using your Aadhaar number. The advantage will be that you will not need to carry the document file while submitting the application.

In the coming time it may also happen that RTO will send your driving license directly to your DigiLocker with the help of Aadhar card. So, if you have to send your license to an agency for verification, you will always have the certified online version available with you.

DigiLocker also has e-signature feature. However, it will be launched later. By storing digital signatures and government documents online, the government wants to encourage people to avail government services through the Internet.

In today’s date, to complete any government work, you need an identity card and for this it is also necessary to go to the government office. There is hardly any government department, which allows you to mail a copy of your document, although it also seems logical to do so from the security point of view. But DIGILocker will store your document authentically and share it with other departments will be easy too.

Now many questions are also being raised regarding the security of personal information. By the way, the core parts of the DIGILocker website have been properly implemented using HTTPS (using this protocol the bank makes secure communication between your computer and its servers). The question is how secure is its backend. For one thing, you can be sure that hackers from home and abroad will definitely have a bad eye on this online storage hub.

At the moment, there are not many benefits of DIGILocker. However, in which direction we are moving, this project definitely indicates that. Some fear that having so much data in one place poses a higher risk of misuse and believe that a small mistake in a single document can cause a bigger problem than before. But we also cannot deny that the convenience of storing all the important documents in one place on the Internet and sharing them easily at the time of need will bring relief to us.

To access Digital Locker, visit the DIGILocker website. You can sign up for free using your Aadhar card details.

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