Volume Panel Pro v21.23 APK + MOD (Patched/Optimized)

Volume Panel Pro will be a beneficial application for those who often adjust their phone’s volume. Suppose you need to regularly change the volume level of your device during the period you use it so that it can sound following the surrounding environment. In that case, this will be the necessary application. With this application, users will ultimately be able to change their phone usage habits positively.


Have you ever felt that the traditional sound control panel built into the phone’s operating system is highly tedious? Here is an application that you can add to your collection to solve this complex problem. With Volume Panel Pro, users can completely customize, replacing the traditional volume control panel with control panels more suitable for personal use.


For a volume control panel to give its users a perfect experience, interactivity will need to be forefront. Therefore, manufacturers have also carefully studied the user’s manipulation habits with the control panels through swiping. And the application will also create customizable sliders in different directions for you, and a swipe can be used smoothly.


Not only that, but the application will also provide its users with elementary operations to activate and use the application. When you want to be able to start the application, users will only need to perform a straightforward swipe up or down. With the actions that have been pre-installed inside the application, you will be able to activate a floating window for the fastest direct use.


An audio control panel is created that will need to be customized to work with various features. So the developers of the application will also allow their users to be able to customize many different types of information through just one integrated control panel. From the phone sound, the multimedia sound of the device when using the application to the alarm sounds, the settings sound will all be integrated right into the control panel.


The last feature that the application can bring to its users that promises to receive the highest love is design customization. With the control panels that users create the application through Volume Panel Pro, they will also be able to adjust their design to their personal preferences fully. The application is pre-designed with many different styles, such as diverse colors, gradients, and more, for you to completely customize quickly.

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