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It is common for the ticket collector to run back and forth for an empty seat in a train. But Indian Railways has done something after which this problem will end.

Now Indian Railways will show the reserved charts online. With the help of this, users will be able to know the status of the seat before booking a ticket in a train. If seen, this is an effective feature for those people who want to travel by a train on the same day.

The reservation chart will be made live on the IRCTC website. Let us tell you about it in detail…

How to view reservation chart on IRCTC website…

1. Visit the IRCTC website. At the bottom, you will see a new option of ‘Charts/Vacancy’.
2. You have to provide the details of the journey. Like- train number, date of journey and boarding station
3. After this, information about vacant seats will be available on the basis of class and coach.
4. After this, by clicking on a particular coach number, you can see the complete details on the basis of seat.

Important things about IRCTC’s new feature…

1. Seats will be shown in different colors on the Indian Railways website, IRCTC, like airline tickets. The colors will be decided on the basis of booked, vacant and partially booked.
2. This feature gives the details of vacant seats on the basis of class and coach. This information is available on the basis of the first chart of the reservation list. Explain that the first chart is prepared four hours before the departure of the train.
3. If the second chart is prepared, then there will be an option to see the details of available vacant seats under the second chart. The second chart is usually prepared 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

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