Truecaller has launched version 12 of its Caller ID app with a new feature list. The biggest update is the addition of Video Caller ID, which allows users to set up a short video. This video plays automatically when you call friends and family. Truecaller 12 comes with a redesigned interface that brings separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. Truecaller has also added a call recording feature to record incoming and outgoing calls. The updated Truecaller also brings Ghost Call and Call Announce feature for paid users.

On Video Caller ID, you can set up a short video that will play automatically when your phonebook contact is called. You can either record a video for Caller ID or choose from four preloaded templates.

You can manage your video caller id and whether you want with latest truecaller app Settings > Caller ID You can receive video caller ID from business and contacts by visiting Specifically, the video you set as Caller ID will be stored in the Truecaller cloud.

The updated Truecaller app also brings a well-organized interface where you will have separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. This is in contrast to the existing interface where you have a home shortcut for accessing calls and Truecaller for SMS.

With separate tabs, you can now get all your SMS, Truecaller group chats and live chats with just one tap, the Swedish company said in a press release.
Truecaller also said that Truecaller has over 150 million users for SMS.

The new Truecaller update also brings call recording, which was first introduced for premium users and was recently launched for beta testing. It is now available for all Truecaller users – including paid and free users and who have a phone running Android 5.1 or later.

Calls recorded using Truecaller are stored locally in the device storage and can be shared with others using email or any messaging service. Call recording feature is optionally available and needs to be enabled manually from the latest Truecaller app.

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