After the ban, the TikTok app has also been removed from Google Play and App Store in India, after which new users will no longer be able to download the TikTok app. Let us tell you, on Monday night, the Ministry of Electronics and IT banned 59 apps from China including Tiktok in India. The government has said in its order that there is a kind of threat to the sovereignty and unity of India from these apps, due to which this decision has been taken. According to the government, all these apps were violating the privacy of users by sending their personal data outside India. In this regard, the government has issued notices to Apple and Google and ordered the removal of 59 Chinese apps. Along with this, internet service providers and telecom companies have also been asked to implement the ban. The first app on this list is Tiktok, which has been removed from both Google Play and App Store.

Now you cannot download Tiktok even if you want. However, for those who had this app pre-installed on their device, it is still working on their phones. But if you uninstall it for some reason, you will not be able to download Tiktok again.

The government has said in its statement that the ministry has implemented these apps under the provisions of the Information Technology Act under section 69A of the IT Act and the Ministry of Information Technology (Procedures and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 and Considering the nature of threats, 59 apps ban have make. As per the available information, these apps were engaged in certain activities that could threaten the sovereignty and integrity of India, the defense of India, the security of the state and public order.

However, apart from Tiktok, other banned apps are still available for download. Shareit is still available for download. Similarly, CamScanner, Shein, and Clash of Kings are also currently available for download. At the same time, there are some apps like Tiktok which have been removed, such as Helo App. Likee can still be downloaded. If you’re a regular user of banned apps and you’re looking for alternatives after them, Gadgets 360 has got some alternatives for you to use instead.

The official statement behind the ban is focused on security and defense, although it is clear that one of the reasons for the banned 59 Chinese apps is also increasing tension between India and China. Let us tell you, this is not the first time that Tiktok has been banned, this app has been banned before, but every time it has made a comeback. However, the current circumstances are different. This time the app is going to take a little longer to come back.

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