PAN card is required for filling ITR, banks and many other places. The process of applying online for a new PAN card is quite simple. If the PAN card is lost or if you want to update the name and other information in the PAN card, then which process you have to follow, today we will inform you about this. You can easily reprint or update your PAN card by following the online process mentioned by us today. After the application is processed, your PAN card will be printed and sent to your address.

Change your name in PAN card like this

Today we will tell you the steps to update PAN card. So let’s start with the name first. There can be many reasons for changing the name in PAN card (change of name after marriage or other reasons). It may also happen that the name in the PAN card has been printed wrongly. We will tell you how to update name through Aadhaar eKYC. If your name is correct in Aadhar card then follow the steps mentioned below. If the name in Aadhaar is also not correct then you will have to submit other documents. If you want, you can submit marriage certificate or other authentic documents like passport etc.

These documents are needed for PAN card update

To update the PAN card, the same documents are required which are required while making a new PAN card. You will need documents for ID proof, address proof and date of birth. Documents like Driving License, Aadhar Card etc. in ID Proof. Address Proof: Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Voter ID Card. Documents required for date of birth like birth certificate, matriculation examination certificate etc.

How to update and reprint PAN card

1) To reprint or update PAN card NSDL either UTITSL Go to website. We went to the NSDL site and after that we followed all these steps.

2) First of all go to Application Type, then click on Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data / Reprint of PAN Card. After filling the requested information, submit the captcha code.

3) Next you have to choose how you want to provide documents for PAN. If you want, you can submit documents through e-KYC but for this Aadhaar Card will be required. You can submit the scanned photograph or send the document through e-Sign. We submit the documents through e-KYC. wherever you red
If the symbol appears, after filling the information there, click on Next.


4) red

Enter your personal information in the space marked. After that click on Next.

5) Keep in mind that the information provided by you should match with the existing details on the Aadhar card. If the information is different from the information on the Aadhar card, then you will not be able to complete the process. After payment it will appear that both the information do not match with each other. If this happens you will get your money back. Therefore, it is advised to double-check the entered information before clicking on the submit button.

6) Then select the document which you want to attach with the application. After clicking on eKYC, we filled the requested information and clicked on Proceed.

7) After doing this you will see the fee amount. Indian citizens will have to pay Rs 120 to reprint or update. Click on Pay Confirm for payment.

8) Enter the payment details and pay the amount. After this a new page will open showing you that your transaction was successful. After this you will get Bank Reference Number and Transaction Number. Save both of these and then click on Continue.

9) After this Aadhaar has to be authenticated. Tick ​​the box below the Aadhar card number and then click on Authenticate.

10) Click on Continue with e-Sign / e-KYC if your personal information matches with the existing information on Aadhar card.

11) After ticking the check box, click on Generate OTP.

12) After that enter OTP and click on submit button. 13) After this a new page will open in front of you in which you will see the application form. Download it in PDF format, you will also receive it via email.

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