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Needless to say, how important the phone has become, especially for a smartphone user, in today’s hectic life. Smartphones being launched in the market with more than one feature have increased our dependence on them. Someone is ‘addicted’ to log-in to social media again and again, someone is checking WhatsApp every second. No matter how much we wish, the control over using the phone less is bound to get disturbed. In such a situation, we are suggesting you some such apps, which will create a certain distance between you and the smartphone. It will not let your work deteriorate and will also get rid of your ‘addiction’ of sticking to your phone…


flipped one app Which takes over almost the entire phone, not just a single feature of your smartphone. It replaces your lock screen. Gives you the option of ‘Auto Reply’ for incoming messages. Allows you to select ’emergency number’ in your contacts so that you do not miss your important calls. Through this app, your phone is ‘separated’ from you for up to 12 hours. You can also reduce this time. This app is available for Android, which you can download for free.


How long do you use your phone or tablet? it app Will show you daily data on the screen. How many minutes did you spend on the phone, how many times did you pick up the phone, use the phone for a limited time or excessively? This app will give you all this information. You can also set a limit in it, after which it will update you with a warning if you exceed the limit of usage of the phone.


This app In this you can set a certain limit on the usage of your phone. Here you can block Facebook during working hours. Office email can be kept off during weekends. This app is also capable of keeping an account of the entire data of how much you used the phone.


Many times while using the smartphone, you must have felt that I wish the data of the phone was on and these features did not ‘annoy’ me for some time. If you find the solution without any app then you will get the answer, turn off your data. but this app Can ‘keep’ you away from your chosen app without turning you off data. You can get rid of the apps that are affecting your productivity or interfering excessively in your daily life. This app will show the rest of your phone activities on the screen through charts and keep you away from unwanted distractions.

Screen Time Control

By the way, Screen Time Control is called ‘Parental Control’. app‘ It can also be said, but if you yourself are a parent, then through this you can keep yourself in control. You are very active about how much phone was used during the day and which messages on WhatsApp. This app will also keep this aspect in mind and let you know. The interface of the app is artistic and you can toggle the control options on and off as you like. Even if you are using a password, this app will recognize your activities and present statistics.

Would like to tell you that these apps can prove to be helpful in controlling the smartphone but your will will also play a big role in this. Unnecessary use of smartphone will distract you from important tasks, so self-restraint is very important here.

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