These are the best smartphones under Rs 7,000

Finding a good phone in the price segment under Rs 7,000 is a tough task. The smartphone market has improved in the last few years, in this price segment you will find some good smartphones of Xiaomi, Realme, Infinix and Lenovo brands in the market. You can consider these smartphones when buying a phone under Rs 7,000 budget. In this article, we have mentioned the top best mobile phones available in a budget of less than Rs 7,000. We have tested all these smartphones and only after testing these handsets have made their place in this list.

Realme C2

Reality C2 was launched in May this year. This phone of Oppo’s sub-brand Realme not only comes with good design but also gives good performance in this price segment. because of this Realme C2 Has made its place in the list of best mobile phones under Rs 7,000.

realme c2 k review We found that the day-to-day performance of the phone was acceptable. It is worth noting that the phone did not slow down at all while pulling down the notification shade. One of the key features of the Realme C2 is its battery. The phone supported us for 20 hours and 29 minutes in our HD video loop test.

Talking about Realme C2 Camera, there are two rear cameras in the back of the phone, 13 megapixels and 2 megapixels. It captures focused shots with detail, though the phone has to be strung for the right exposure.

Talking about Realme C2 Price in India, there are three variants of the handset, 2 GB RAM + 16 GB storage, 2 GB RAM + 32 GB storage and 3 GB RAM + 32 GB storage. For the information of you people, let us tell you that the price of both the initial variants is less than Rs 7,000, so we would recommend to take 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage variants. If you get 3 GB RAM variant of Reality C2 for less than Rs 7,000 during the upcoming sale, then instead of 2 GB RAM variant, we would recommend taking 3 GB RAM variant.

Redmi 7A

Xiaomi’s Redmi 7A smartphone is an affordable phone and the performance of this handset of the Xiaomi brand is also good. Instead of a notch or hole-punch, the standard design has been given in the phone. The phone looks good and comes with a clean unibody design. Redmi 7A The viewing angles are good.

redmi 7a review During this, we found that the performance of the phone is good as compared to most of the smartphones coming in this price segment. The phone runs smoothly but the apps take a while to open. If there are many apps open in the background, then the phone may slow down a bit while switching between apps.

Redmi 7A’s single rear camera takes crisp shots and colors are good in adequate light, but the phone’s camera quality is not very good in low light. Talking about the battery performance, in our HD video loop test, the Redmi 7A supported for 14 hours and 47 minutes.

There are two variants of Xiaomi Redmi 7A, 2 GB RAM + 16 GB storage variant and 2 GB RAM + 32 GB storage variant. We would recommend you to take 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage variant of Redmi 7A.

Infinix Note 5

The Infinix brand is not as popular as Xiaomi or Samsung but there are some good smartphones from this brand especially in the budget of less than Rs 10,000. infinix note 5 Its performance is acceptable, due to which this phone has made its place in our list of best phones under Rs 7,000.

Infinix Note 5 was launched in the Indian market last year with a starting price of Rs 9,999. But after several cuts in the price, now the price of its initial model has come down to less than Rs 7,000. During the review of Infinix Note 5, we found that the blue color variant of the phone is going to attract everyone’s attention but the design of the phone is simple.

Talking about the battery, Infinix Note 5 supported us for 9 hours and 40 minutes. Let us know that this phone of Infinix brand is part of the Android One platform. Talking about camera performance, in some pictures the details were captured well, while in some pictures there was a lack of detail. There are two variants of this handset of Infinix brand, 3 GB RAM + 32 GB storage variant and 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage variant. In this price segment, as we told you earlier, only 3 GB RAM variants of Infinix Note 5 will be available.

Lenovo K9

even though Lenovo K9 ,reviewThe phone is almost a year old, yet it is a good option if a customer is looking to buy a phone in the price segment below Rs 7,000. Dual cameras have been given in the front of the phone in this price segment. Lenovo K9 does not come with good design or build quality but the performance of the phone is acceptable, it does get a bit stuck during heavy apps.

To bring life to the Lenovo K9, a 3,000 mAh battery has been given. In our HD video loop test, the phone supported for 11 hours and 22 minutes. The camera performance of the phone is not very impressive and the sharpness was less in the pictures taken from the phone. There is only one variant of Lenovo K9 which is equipped with 3GB RAM + 32GB storage variant and is now available for sale in this price segment.

bonus pick

In the price segment below Rs 7,000 Infinix Smart 3 Plus Also an attractive option. The phone comes with a glossy body and a premium looking design. The phone has a 6.21 inch HD + display and its viewing angles are also good. Due to the presence of 2 GB RAM in Infinix Smart 3 Plus, the performance of the phone is not very good.

During the review, we found that the phone used to slow down a bit while multitasking, which means that the day-to-day performance is also not good. This is the reason why this phone could not make its place in our list of top best mobile phones. The triple rear camera setup at the back of the phone is the main feature of the phone and it will not disappoint you, especially in adequate light.

Photos taken in daylight were good, especially close-up shots. The colors also looked natural and the gradients were also captured with perfect detail. Overall, the camera of the phone is good at this price. In our HD video loop test, the phone supported for 14 hours and 57 minutes. There is only one variant of Infinix Smart 3 Plus which is equipped with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB storage variant.

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