It is extremely difficult for an unmarried couple to rent a hotel room in India. On most of the occasions, no question or answer is heard at the hotel reception. But a startup has taken the initiative to solve this problem.

The web homepage of Delhi-based startup ‘StayUncle’ reads the tagline, “Couples Need Room, Not a Judgment”.

Founded in 2014 by Blaise Arizenov, Nandi Kumar Singh and Sanchit Sethi, the startup started as a general travel booking platform. However, in September 2015, he started doing business keeping in mind the needs of unmarried couples. Its website lists hotels suitable for lovers in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai.

If we go to any online forum, most of the unmarried couples complain that they face problem in renting a hotel room. If the couple is from the same city, most hoteliers return it without asking any questions. By the way, this does not happen in four or five star hotels.

The FAQ on StayUncle’s website reads, “You can book a room in the same city via any city. This is not prohibited by law. No law in India prevents a couple from booking an overnight hotel.” Stops.

Ariznov of ‘Stayuncle’ told Gadgets 360 that there are plans to add Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore as well in the next few months. And in the coming days, similar hotels in all the cities of Tier 1 will be listed on the website.

Through the StayUncle platform, users can book rooms in the hotel. And you don’t even have to book for the whole day. Users can book rooms from 10 AM to 7 PM, or 9 PM to 8 AM. The hotels listed on StayUncle are 3-5 star. The start-up claims that the security and hospitality standards at these hotels are constantly checked.

The company has publicly told what are the things to be taken care of before partnering with the hotel. Users can book rooms online or using WhatsApp.

The company also plans to launch the app soon. However, for this the company needs money.

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