The Baby In Yellow v1.5.2 MOD APK (Remove ADS, Unlocked Skin)

The Baby In Yellow gives you a terrifying experience of taking care of children in a mysterious and time-changing house. This change depends on the child’s mood, and gradually you also realize their proper form and try to complete the task to get out of it.


In the new version of The Baby In Yellow that you experience, you will be able to find new enemies that you will have to face, and of course, you will not be able to attack them. You will continue to overcome challenging levels and puzzles to escape from the scary house.


The main character’s job in The Baby In Yellow is that they will have to take care of a child when its parents are not at home. You’ll do what a babysitter is supposed to do, but over time, you’ll rediscover the suspicious things you’re dealing with. From there, you’ll find your way to escape from the creepy kids and the weird house they live in. In addition, each experience in this game is entirely different from gentle to rushing to complete something.

You will control the character from a first-person perspective, a common view in horror games because of how scary it can be for players. At the same time, you will control the character’s activities with a joystick and a few buttons. The buttons let you interact with the character or go slow and lower the person. On the left side of the screen, you need to perform some tasks to complete the level.

The Baby In Yellow


When you start The Baby In Yellow, you will begin to work your way through quests that you can easily find. Whether you complete a mission or not, new missions will continue to appear, and it is also the development of the game’s details. It can be said that you will take time to learn what is going on around you until the proper form of the babies you care for is revealed.

The Baby In Yellow


Once you complete the quest to a certain extent in The Baby In Yellow, you’ll start to see scary elements appear on the wall, like marks or sentences telling you not to escape. You will see a baby like the one you were taking care of before, but with an evil look of a demon. From there, it will manifest itself as a demon and start chasing you. So you’ll begin to run fast out of there.

When the monster reveals itself, the house will also become abnormal. Sharp tentacles appear and can stab you at any time if you are not careful. One challenge you will face is choosing the correct key from the keys on the table. You will need to look at the icon attached to the lock and find the corresponding symbol on the keys to open the doors. At the same time, you can imagine the fear when the enemy is chasing you, and you also rush to find the key to escape.

The Baby In Yellow

Taking care of your kids in a complete mystery house offers things like:

  • A horror gameplay with experiences from light to intense that you will be able to experience all of them.
  • You will find out the mystery of the house and the proper form of these children as you try to escape from it.
  • The number of missions sent to you and required you to complete to progress in the game and complete the level.
  • A variety of challenges that you will try to complete in a state of fear when the demon is trying to chase after you.
  • New levels and enemies appear before your eyes and completely immerse you in new explorations.

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