Tap Ninja v3.2.3 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Resources)

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Start from nothing and advance to a Ninja Master position, defeat oncoming foes with a devastating Katana Slash, construct your community, and explore new upgrades to boost your strength. Unlock hundreds of Achievements and new Characters, and customize your style with many hues.


While your ninja is fleeing, you may also build up your settlement. By accessing a tab, you spend the money gained from killed adversaries to enhance your different facilities like farms and mines. The more you improve your facilities and settlement, the more money they automatically make for you.

Your money may also be utilized to increase your ninja’s talents, boosting the money you get for beating samurai and from your town. And each time you reset, some additional perks and improvements may be gained.


  • Defeat the advancing foes, get cash, and build up your riches.
  • Invest in the expansion of your community to bring in more money even while you are not online.
  • Investing in Research Upgrades can help you become more powerful.
  • Gain access to legendary and everlasting skill upgrades as you ascend.
  • Levels of difficulty to work toward mastering
  • Unlock dozens upon dozens of Accomplishments.
  • Unlock characters and colors to personalize their appearances.
  • Cloud-based saving that works across several platforms lets you take your game with you.

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