Sweet Escapes v7.7.589 MOD APK (Unlimited Stars/Life)

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games opens you to a colorful and fascinating candy world. Immersed in the candy city, choosing and enjoying whatever food they want is definitely the dream of many people. Overcome tricky challenges in the puzzle game, then choose your favorite store and proceed to decorate it. Let’s create a candy city of your own style.


Surely a colorful city of candies will make you fall in love. Think about what store you would love to have in your own city, then start building it right away. Then choose a store theme, and proceed to decorate it beautifully in your own style. You are using natural aesthetic abilities to create stores and a beautiful, harmonious, and attractive city to attract any visitor.

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games
Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games


Sweet Escapes will force you to overcome particular challenges, to be allowed to receive materials, and proceed to decorate the shop. These challenges are challenging puzzles. Each store will have its own unique foods, such as cakes, lollipops, bear candies, juices, coffee,… Your job is to pop up the matrix with jumbled symbols, then move these candies and drinks to create at least 3 of the same symbols in a row, and this will make them disappear.

Complete your goal in each level according to the requirements given, and it could be reaching a milestone, clearing the candy shells, racing against time,… Sometimes there are several. The level will be challenging to overcome; this is when you need to use special candies to make a significant change. Arrangements of 4 or more candies become the same, which will create special candies.

Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games Sweet Escapes: Design a Bakery with Puzzle Games


The city of Sweet Escapes is full of cuteness, not only in the unique candy stores but also in the animal girls who own the shops in the city. All images from the store to the animals have stylized a funny and cute take on this game. It could be the dog in the birthday bakery, the Bear in the bakery, the Penguin in the candy store,…

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