Suspects: Mystery Mansion v1.23.1 MOD APK (Menu/Easy Game)

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a casual and social game requiring direct interaction between players to win each round. The exciting thing in this game is the blatant lies, and the player has to find the secrets or important clues in each situation. All players need is to lead and talk to people, thereby exposing any villains or cheaters to accomplish all goals.


The entire gameplay or content of Suspects: Mystery Mansion mostly focuses on the player’s ability to lie in each meeting. Depending on their role in the squad, lies need to be persuasive to deceive others, even argue with the enemy and make them fall into a trap. Besides, the players also have to do the assigned work to win each round regardless of their role in the whole lobbies.


All players are divided into three main roles in each lobby or round, namely Guest, Detective, and Assassin. Each role has its job, and whoever finishes their work first, the whole game is over, but there needs to be a lot of interaction and constant action during this time. Also, because of the variety of roles, the skepticism of each player increases significantly; even trusted friends can stab in the back.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion


The mini-games in Suspects: Mystery Mansion are normal activities for the Guest, and they need to complete a series of individual mini-games to contribute to the group work. The faster the completion of the tasks, the greater the Guest’s win rate while taking advantage of the task knowledge to trick the Assassins. Some unique details in the quests are also important factors if players want to use them as evidence to protect their identity.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion


Besides the massive design of the task system for the Guest, the player can take advantage of the terrain or environmental factors to kill people quickly. The role of the Assassin in this game is to kill people secretly and hide before being discovered, but they can’t do the task, so it’s easy to be detected if negligent. Conversely, the player can destroy a few important parts, hide in the shadows, and move through interconnected ventilation lines.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion


Suspects: Mystery Mansion will make players stand out more through a diverse and humorous character customization system. It comes in various unique colors, hats, skins, special effects to physical interactions with the environment, and even exclusive animations to the skins. Of course, players can freely use any content as they are free and continuously diversified over time.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion


During meetings where a dead body is reported or an emergency meeting, players can use voice chat to interact with each other. While the conversation can get tumultuous, it’s an essential feature for players to provide perspectives while also defending themselves against any slander. On the contrary, it is extremely useful if a player wants to lie, thereby shifting all doubts onto other players and continuously eliminating them.

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a great social game for people with a supple tongue or great presentation skills. Moreover, smart people can become potential Assassins, even professional detectives, expose enemies, and win every game.

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