skinny people how to increase body weight

If you do not gain weight and you are worried about why I do not gain weight, how can I increase my weight!

Today we will learn about these things that how to increase body weight, why weight does not increase, what to eat to gain weight, what to do to gain weight and how thin people can increase their weight!


reduce your body fat
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Nowadays it has become common that the weight of many people is not able to increase at all, either they are completely malnourished or they are thin from birth.

But today it is not such a difficult thing to gain weight for lean people because if you eat properly daily or take good care of your health then you can increase your weight very easily!

Because you must have often seen that even very thin people start gaining weight on their own after some time because many times weight gain occurs along with ageing.

That’s why you should not be under any stress about the fact that your weight is not increasing and you will always be slim like this!

You might not know that good food is a sign of healthy health and along with it, having weight is equally important!

Because the weight of our body is important for our strength.

Due to being underweight, a person gets transmitted from many diseases, after that even after having good health, he is not able to fight against diseases.

If the body weight is according to the body, then you will look beautiful and handsome.

Regarding this problem, today we will tell you how to increase your weight so that you look like a fat and good personality person!

What are the reasons for not reading the weight

If we talk in general language, then no scientific reason for not gaining weight has not been revealed yet, but in a research it has come to the fore that weight gain depends on your lifestyle the most!

Because nowadays people’s style has changed so much that they are not getting time to get out of work, stress and troubles.

Because of which enough cells are not produced in their body, due to which the body is not fully developed and your weight gain stops.

So try to avoid such things which have a bad effect on your body.

• Apart from this, if you are intoxicated with something then you need to be careful because if you drink too much then you can never increase your body weight!

So always keep a distance from any kind of intoxicant.

• Apart from this, if your weight is not increasing then you need to change your diet!

Because bad food has a bad effect on our body, due to which the body is not able to develop, so always include good food in your diet.

• If you have been a victim of severe malnutrition since childhood, then you will have to work very hard to gain weight!

Because the nutrition taken from childhood works in increasing the maximum weight.

So if you want to increase your weight very quickly, then you can increase your weight by 2 to 3 kg in just 1 month by these mentioned methods!

Know how you can increase your weight in these ways!

how to increase body weight

If you are very thin, then you do not need to worry anymore because you can increase your weight without taking any harmful medicines.

We are going to tell you about some such homegrown and protein-rich things, which you can easily increase your weight by consuming daily.

If you tell that if you consume these things according to the rules, then you can really get rid of your thin body, then know what are the things that you can easily increase your weight by eating!

1 – Milk
how to increase body weight
Milk is considered to be the biggest source of nutrition because all the nutrients are found in milk which are helpful in increasing our body weight.

Because our bones are made of calcium, for whose strength we need milk because calcium which strengthens bones is found in abundance in milk.

Therefore, if you want to increase your body weight very quickly, then definitely consume a glass of milk in the morning and evening.

If you consume milk daily for several days, then you will see good results in a few days.

Apart from this, if you consume almonds, dry fruits and peanuts daily with milk, then you will be able to increase your weight in less days than expected!

Because in all these foods, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and other nutrients are found in abundance, due to which weight increases easily.

Therefore, to gain weight quickly, consume milk in maximum quantity.

Ghee Butter
Consuming ghee on a regular basis proves to be very useful in gaining weight.

According to Ayurveda, all those substances are found in Ghee, make our body strong and strong, so Ghee must be consumed!

Raw vegetables, eggs, cheese, carbohydrates should be included in your diet to increase weight.
eat pulses
Protein is found in abundance in pulses, which is very necessary for building the body.


Body weight can be increased only by the consumption of protein, so Shyam should definitely consume vegetables made from pulses in his diet.

Of these, mainly pulses made from gram, moong, urad, and lentils should be consumed.


Banana is considered to be the best diet in the world because it is easily digested and proves to be very useful in gaining weight.

By consuming 1 or 2 bananas daily with milk, weight increases very quickly.

With regular consumption of banana for about 1 month, you can easily increase the weight of about 3 to 6 kg.


It is impossible to teach body weight without water because our body expels water through sweat during exercise.

During exercise, the veins of our body swell, due to which there is a lack of water in the body, so water must be drunk at regular intervals during exercise.

Apart from this, you must drink one to one and a half liters of water daily.

do exercise

Along with eating good food, it is also very important to exercise regularly, which makes a good personality of our body and we look better than before!

Therefore, by exercising daily, the weight of the body increases in the right way and a good body is made.

So if you want to increase your weight, then do exercise for 1 hour daily.

what not to do while gaining weight

1- Sleep is an important process of our body which provides relaxation to our body because during sleep only those hormones are emitted by which our body is made quickly.

That’s why we must take at least 8 hours of sleep.

2- Do not take any kind of medicines to gain weight, because it will cause long-term harm to you for a short time, so avoid taking such medicines!

Apart from this, you also have to avoid consuming fast food and oily foods.

4- Use social media as little as possible!

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