Samurai of Hyuga 5 v1.0.3 APK (MOD, Unlocked Stories)

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The gut-wrenching sequel to the interactive story that you are still reading after all these years is titled “Samurai of Hyuga: Book 5” and it can be found on Amazon. Take up your former position as the ronin and unleash hell’s fury (along with the Jigoku) onto both the samurai and the ghosts! The odds have never been more stacked against our hero than they are now when he is suffering from a broken heart, mind, and body. There are many adversaries…but there are also many allies. You’ll need more than just a decent sword arm to get it through this one; the stakes are bigger than ever before.

You once stated that you were a bodyguard for a magical brat who wore a crimson silk kimono. It is long past time for you to fulfill your duty, but if you think it to be simple in the fifth volume of this epic series, you will be sorely disappointed.


  • Gather together to take on both familiar and unfamiliar foes and friends!
  • Investigate a religious sect in a faraway land while operating within an enemy stronghold.
  • Choose your appearance from more than twenty stunning character images!
  • Over 430,000 words of engaging and engagingly written interactive fiction!

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