Positive thinking – To hate your work is to hate yourself

Positive thinking-To Disregard Your Work is To Disregard Yourself

1. Every person has a huge debt of family, society and nation. Not every person can be completely free from this debt burden, but he can certainly become lighter and he will have to do something to become light. If someone hates his work, how will the chariot of life move forward? That’s why we should love our work as much as we love ourselves.

2. Our feet and shoes walk in good and bad places and dirt, so do we hate our feet or shoes? Car wheels go through all the mud of rough roads, so do we hate the car or the wheels? No, then where is the point of hating your work.

3. We should always remember that there must be some purpose for our being. And for that purpose it is necessary to organize some work or the other. Therefore, to achieve the purpose, the allotted work should be done considering it as one’s own. When we don’t hate our family, our society, our religion and our nation, then how can we hate our karma.

4. No work is good or bad. Work is just work, good or bad is just our attitude. Work is not a compulsion, it is necessary to live. Work is the synonym of life, the definition of life, the meaning of our existence. Work is our identity, work is our pride, our pride. Work is our smile and work is our dress.

5. We wear the same clothes, in the same way everyday, but it does not mean that we stop wearing clothes. Wherever we stay throughout the day, we always return home in the evening, but this does not mean that we should get tired and take our steps elsewhere. Then there is no point in getting tired of your work. If we adopt some other work other than our present work, then what is the guarantee that we will never get tired of other work. Therefore, the work which is in our hands, keep doing it with respect and seriousness. If you have to change, then change wisely.

6. It is also not possible that you can change your work everyday. Whatever job you got or chose, there is no justification to leave it in the middle. Yes, if any better work or alternative is available then definitely can change. There is no point in getting bored with your work. Whatever be the work, you can fill meaning in your life only through your work.

7. Do you hate your appearance? Do you hate the animal world and nature? Do you hate God or any idol of God? Then how can you hate your work? Remember, work is worship, work is worship. Work is your martyrdom, work is your worship. Work is the work of God.

8. If you leave a work, it does not mean that no one else will do it. When other people keep doing the same thing with great joy, why can’t you? When people can do one thing for the rest of their life without getting tired, without complaining, then why can’t you? Remember, life is too short, so don’t make it shorter by changing jobs over and over again.

9. Where there is work, there is creation. Where there is creation, there is work. Whatever is visible in the human world, that is work. In front of work is work, and behind work is work. Without ‘Kama’ there is neither creation nor rest. Kama is the effort of life. To hate effort is to hate life. Remember, hatred generates negative energy and every success with negative energy is doubtful. That’s why never hate your work, don’t hate people, if you want to hate then do it with your work system.


Positive thinking – To hate your work is to hate yourself

There was a beggar, he was so attached to his business that he gradually became rich. Even after all the facilities like house, car etc. became available, he did not leave his business. He would come early in the morning and sit at his appointed place. In the evening his driver would come to pick him up. As soon as the car came to a stop near him, according to his habit, he would extend his bowl towards the driver. The driver was also aware of the habit of the owner. He would immediately take out a coin from his pocket and put it in the bowl. Only after getting alms could the beggar pick up his mat, board his car and go home. How much did the beggar really love his business. This love was the secret of his success.

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