Picture Mushroom v2.9.6 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Picture Mushroom – Mushroom ID is the empire of all kinds of mushrooms all over the world, from common mushrooms to rare ones. Whether you are a geek with detailed information about different types of mushrooms or you simply love the unique beauty they bring, this app is made just for you. The system of receiving data lookup and search is done through a fantastic image.


Picture Mushroom has now linked directly to the mobile device’s map automatically and is set to default. Therefore, users can turn off the feature with the built-in map in the settings. However, we recommend that you enable this useful association because the special feature is built through this. You can now keep track of the different types of mushrooms once they’ve been added to a collection, where their locations can be saved on the map.


Referring to the dictionary of mushrooms, how can you not mention Picture Mushroom when this place is considered an unlimited empire of mushrooms. We bring you a rich, complete database with a wealth of useful and humorous information. The data here is presented in the form of images and text. In an article about mushrooms, the outside is a typical image system with the name right below.


This application provides users with a very unique and brilliant search system. Whether you are a beginner or have used it for a long time, you will not have a problem when exploring this application. Your job is just to take a picture of a mushroom whenever you come across it or take a picture of a mushroom directly from the library. After waiting a few short seconds, all relevant information from basic to advanced is updated.


Not stopping there, we have launched the feature to save to favorites for future research and learning. With the touch of a button, you can transfer them to a treasure trove sorted by time or alphabet, depending on your own needs and preferences.

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