Before getting drenched in Holi, the festival of colours, take care of the safety of your smartphone as well. Apart from being painted in different colors, gulal and abir, there is also a possibility of getting the phone wet on this day. In today’s era, it is difficult to stay away from the smartphone even for an hour. In such a situation, it is better to play Holi by keeping the phone at home, that you should take some such measures, so that the security of the phone is not affected. And your work should not be affected either. Here we show you how to protect your phone during Holi. Not only will I tell this, but if your phone has become a victim of Holi colors or water, then it will also tell which measures not to adopt.

waterproof pouch/zip lock

A moderately priced zip lock or waterproof pouch can protect your expensive phone. These covers are very helpful in terms of protecting the phone in case of getting wet or playing colours. For example, this e-commerce website is being sold on Amazon India. phone cover The price is just Rs 199. It is said that the cover is capable of protecting phones equipped with screen sizes up to 5.5 inches. This cover has a rating of 4.7 on the site, which shows that it has been a very useful product for the user. Also, customized waterproof covers of phones from big brands like Apple are also available in the market.

USB port, headphone jack, mic and speaker grille

If you are confident that no one will suddenly say ‘Happy Holi’ by pouring a bucket of color or water on you, then you can give basic protection to the phone. That is, you tape the phone’s USB port, mic, headphone jack and speaker grille. With this, if you hold the phone with a red hand, or if a little gulal or color falls on the phone, then the dirt will not go inside the phone. The mic has to be untapped when a call comes in. Overall, your phone will be protected to a great extent by this trick, but this recipe can also fail if water falls in large quantities.

screen guard

Although scratchproof display has been given in today’s smartphone, but still some stains of colors can spoil the beauty of your phone. In such a situation, a low-cost screenguard can be used for the phone for two-three days. This will keep your phone screen safe. After the Holi atmosphere is over, you replace the old screenguard with a good quality screenguard.

Balloon Coating

This method is also very popular for making the phone waterproof from one side. To use this trick, you’ll need to inflate a medium sized balloon. Then the phone will have to be pressurized by placing it on it. As the balloon explodes, the air will come out, compressing it around the phone. In this way the back and front (whatever you want) part of the phone will be covered. In this, you have to decide whether to save the phone from the front or from the back. If you have to use the phone frequently, then you can keep the screen open. At the same time, if you do not have to use the phone frequently, then you can give priority to covering the front part of the phone.

what not to do

use hair dryer
The use of hair dryer and fire has also been seen frequently to dry the phone soaked in water or wet paint. Note, don’t do this at all. The phone has very small and lightweight parts, which can get damaged by the direct heat of the dryer. …so as much damage may not have been done by getting the phone wet, it could have been caused by exposure to dryer or direct fire. Do not follow this remedy at all.

Keep it in the sun but…

If water goes into the phone while playing Holi, then avoid keeping it in the sun without removing the battery. First thing to do is remove the battery. And leave it to dry outside for some time. Even if you leave the phone to dry for a long time, but do not keep the phone including the battery in the sun for a long time. That way, even if some water has gotten inside the phone, it will dry up and your phone will probably return to its original state.

Do not put in powder…

While playing colors in Holi, if color or water falls on the phone, then do not put it in powder and immediately put it in (uncooked) rice. In fact, some people have also been seen putting in powder etc. when the phone falls into the water. Experts say that there is no benefit by adopting this method. Instead, we would suggest that if the phone is directly dropped in water, then take out the SIM, battery, microSD card and leave it to dry for some time by placing it in rice grains. The obvious reason behind this is that the undercooked rice grains absorb water and water does not reach the hardware of the phone. Apart from this, rice grains are able to absorb whatever water has gone into the phone. In this trick, it is suggested to keep the phone turned upside down for a while.

Don’t make charger work bad…

Avoid using the charger when the phone has got wet paint or water. It has been seen many times that the user feels that by giving charging, the phone will get heat and the water will dry up due to heat. Experts advise that until the water of the phone is completely dry, do not bring it in contact with electricity in any way. After drying the phone, first turn it on and then start using the charger.

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