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Oppo A53s 5G has recently received the updated version of ColorOS 12 on the variants across India. The roll out comes a month after Oppo announced the release of the beta version for Indian users. For global users, Oppo may soon make an announcement on the future updates. The ColorOS 12 for Oppo A53s 5G, based on Android 12, can be downloaded through settings on the smartphone. To receive the update, users must ensure that their phone is currently on the latest version of ColorOS 11.

Oppo A53s 5G ColorOS 12: How to Update

Oppo has shared a detailed post on the latest update with all the necessary information. Indian users of Oppo A53s 5G will be able to download the latest roll out in the following way:

Go to Settings > Software Updates > Select ‘ColorOS 12 version’ and select Update.

To download official version, users need to ensure that their Oppo A53s 5G is on firmware version A.08/A.09, along with software ColorOS 11. To ensure no loss of data, it is advised to keep a backup ready before updating your phone.

Oppo A53s 5G ColorOS 12: What’s New

Oppo has introduced several new features and updates with the stable ColorOS 12 update based on Android 12. The new software update has introduced new changes in the elements on the smartphone’s interface, including icons, system apps and quick settings panel. The users will also get their hands on Android 12 privacy features like Privacy Dashboard and microphone and camera Indicators.

The phone may perform several reboots soon after the update, which may drain the phone’s battery quickly. To ensure a smooth update, it is recommended to keep the device fully charged and turn off screen when not in use.

Users may face an issue due to apps that are not compatible with Android 12, which may cause lagging. Oppo has also shared a list of incompatible third-party apps for a convenient update.

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