JioMart is integrated with MyJio app. Now Jio customers can access JioMart directly in MyJio app without opening any other website or app. This mini-app is located inside the MyJio app along with the other integrated apps listing, above the UPI that has been introduced recently. Let us tell you, this online grocery store is available in beta in My Jio app, due to which there is a possibility of bug in it.

Reliance’s JioMart has been made live inside the MyJio App. Apart from the listing, a pop-up has also been given in the MyJio app, through which users are being informed that JioMart is now available directly on the MyJio app as well.

By clicking on the JioMart listing or clicking on the pop-up, users are taken to the JioKart beta of the app. Where the customer can buy the products.

Let us tell you, Jio Mart, operated by Reliance Retail and Jio Platforms, was started in Maharashtra in January this year. However, expanding this facility in the month of May, it was also extended to other areas of the country. You can take advantage of this facility on the website and whatsapp can be picked up by In July, Jio Mart launched mobile for Android and iOS platforms. app was presented.

The company claims that Jio Mart is available in over 200 cities across the country, offering various items at a donation of five percent less than the MRP (maximum retail price). Jio Mart users can place orders by adding various items to their cart, selecting their preferred payment mode. Through this, you can order fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, flour, dairy items, personal care products and household cleaning products.

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