Netflix is ​​testing a new Rs 299 per month Mobile+ plan in India, which gives users the option to stream high-definition (HD) 720p video as well as the streaming service on users’ computers (PC, Mac, and Chromebook). Can take advantage of This plan fits between the existing Rs 199 mobile and Rs 649 standard plan. Netflix’s mobile plan only offers the option to stream video at standard-definition (SD) 480p, while the standard plan gives you the option to stream video at full-HD (FHD) 1080p as well as you can on a computer, TV, console or device. You can also take advantage of this facility on smart devices. On the other hand, the new Mobile+ plan gives you the option to stream on PC with HD streaming, but with this plan you cannot stream on your TV, console or smart device.

Netflix told Gadgets 360 in a statement that (translated) “We have launched a new mobile plan to make it easier for every smartphone user in India to enjoy Netflix. We want to see if users like the benefits of Mobile+. If they like, then only we will roll out this plan for a long time.”

This is not the first time that Netflix has tested the Mobile+ plan in India. In July last year, the company tested a similar plan for Rs 349. However, that plan was not rolled out on a large scale. Certainly people would not have found this plan beneficial at this price. Now it has to be seen whether the customers like the Netflix Mobile + plan for Rs 299 or not.

Along with Netflix’s Rs 199 plan, the new Rs 299 plan is sure to compete with Amazon’s Prime Video Mobile Edition plan, which was launched in January this year for Rs 89 per month. was presented Was.

Netflix’s new Rs. 299 Mobile+ plan is currently being tested with select customers, so it may happen that you may not see this plan on the company’s website.

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