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The Mi Health app has now received a new update that supports heart rate monitoring. The update comes with version number 2.7.4 and it should reportedly reach all Mi Health app users in the coming days. The Mi Health app was launched last year and was made available to select MIUI users only. At the time, the app had some fitness tracking features, along with sleep monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking, but no heart rate monitoring. Now this special feature has been added with the new update.

of XDA Developers Report It is said that the Mi Health app is getting heart rate monitoring support. This feature will use the phone camera to measure the heart rate data. There is a new heart rate section inside the app and this segment has a red icon in the bottom right of the screen. Tapping on it will start heart rate monitoring. The screen will instruct you to block the camera and flash. As soon as you do this, the phone will start measuring the heart rate. Users will have to block the camera and flash until the screen shows that the detection is complete.

Once the measurement is complete, the Mi Health app asks users about their status immediately before the measurement, ie ‘whether they were in a normal state, at rest, or whether they exercised or not.’ After selecting the correct option and pressing the ‘view report’ button a test report appears on the screen, which will include heart rate and a graphic. This will give advice on whether the heart rate is normal, slow or fast. The Mi Health app is not available on Google Play and is only listed on certain MIUI running devices.

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