Never make these mistakes while charging your smartphone

The battery of any device comes with an expiry date of a certain period. It is the same with smartphones. However, if you use your smartphone optimally, the battery life automatically increases. The charging method and charger determine the battery life of your phone. We are giving you some such tips, by which the phone’s battery will last a lot and the phone will also be safe…

original charger

Image – Xiaomi Charger

Like laptops, smartphones also come equipped with a universal charging interface (MicroUSB port). But if you use a charger that does not match the original, then the battery starts getting damaged. Using a different charger, you must check its output voltage ampere. Also, avoid using cheap chargers. These chargers do not have the capability to deal with overcharging or voltage fluctuations. They completely drain the battery of the phone.

phone cover

photo – smartphone cover

The battery of the phone gets a little hot during charging. If there is a cover on the phone then it becomes an obstacle in the middle of this process. In such a situation, it is suggested to separate the cover of the phone and keep the phone on a soft cloth. This protects the battery as well as the display of the phone.

always fast charging

Image – Huawei Fast Charging

Nowadays most of the smartphones are coming with fast charging technology but fast charging is not suitable for every phone. Actually, in fast charging, more voltage is delivered directly to the phone, due to which the temperature suddenly starts rising rapidly. We would suggest opting for simple charging for normal phones. Also, choose the charger based on the features of the phone. If your phone suddenly gets hot, press and hold the Power button until the display turns off. After this, turn on the phone only when its temperature comes down to room temperature.

overnight charging


Image – Pixel Phone Charger

Many times in laziness, you and I leave the phone on charging for the whole night. This actually has a very bad effect on the battery. The phone may overheat due to overcharging. Even the possibilities of battery explosion also arise from this.

full charge


Image – Intex Phone (File)

It is advised that whenever you charge your phone, keep it up to 80 percent. It is not necessary to charge the phone to 100% every time.

charging anytime


Photo – Karbonn Phone (File)

Experts suggest that never put the phone on charging again and again. Only plug the charger in when the phone’s battery level is at or below 20 percent. Repeated, untimely charging puts both the phone and the battery at risk of damage. Try to charge the phone only when the power is exhausted.

power bank selection


Image – Xiaomi Power Bank

Avoid buying any plain power bank with the intention of letting the phone charge anytime, anywhere. Prefer such a power bank, which has been given control feature of aspects like voltage, short circuit, over charging. Such chargers do not damage the battery of the phone and are also useful to the user in adverse circumstances.

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