Net Optimizer v1355r APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Net Optimizer is a tool to help you fix problems with your Internet access point and speed. This application will help you to connect to the access points the fastest and limit some connection errors. The application is always updated to create a great attraction for users. More specifically, the application is getting more and more perfect in both features and connection methods to bring users the most exciting utilities.

Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping


The application is known for its goal of helping users navigate back to the connection speed as well as supporting the fastest server search. Users are assured because in Net Optimizer there is a feature that prioritizes server search. The search will be high-speed and convenient for users to choose freely.

Previously, the application encountered a connection status and often encountered unexpected errors. Notably, it won’t be easy to continue using when encountering an error condition because the performance is not high. But now, the application has overcome this situation and is gradually improving to help the application development most coherently.


The application is highly appreciated for its quality with high-speed connectivity. Not only has the ability to search quickly, but the ability to connect very quickly will be a huge advantage for users. The ability to connect quickly like this will help users limit the possibility of risk as well as save time to serve other purposes.

Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping


More specifically, the application is able to identify the server effectively. For applications, this feature is unique because it does not take too long for the application to identify to connect. The identification will save us from having to choose the destination as well as confirm the server information before connecting.


The app has a highlight of being able to detect major issues affecting connectivity. After reporting a problem, the application will only take a few seconds to restore to its original state and users can rest assured that important data will not be lost. The application always focuses on quality for users and improves a lot.


The setting system is easy to change depending on different circumstances. If in a large environment, we will be able to use the network in more remote places, and the network quality is more stable. The application’s ability to connect to the Internet is always a top priority because there are logical structures with other features. Changing settings makes it easier for users to keep up with the conditions of the place.

Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping Net Optimizer: Optimize Ping


The application owns a considerable amount of information, so security is paramount and highly appreciated. Fingerprints, facial recognition, or other factors can be used to help ensure the best storage of user information.

A series of new interfaces make the application more and more unique in the eyes of users. Not only simple interface but modern interface texture is also widely used in this application. Promises that the application will add a series of newer interfaces.


  • With a single click, you can discover and connect to the quickest DNS server to optimize your connection.
  • Detect and enhance network performance by automatically detecting connection changes.
  • To view all of the data, you may manually scan all of the DNS servers with a single button press.
  • It is compatible with mobile data (3G/4G/5G) as well as WiFi connections
  • Domain Name System (DNS) servers supported include Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign (Google), DNS Watch (Comodo), OpenDNS (SafeDNS), OpenNIC (SmartViper), Dyn, FreeDNS (Alternate DNS), Yandex DNS (UncensoredDNS), PuntCAT (UncensoredDNS).

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