n-Track Tuner Pro v9.7.41 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

n-Track Tuner Pro will be one of the beneficial applications for instrument players from popular to professional. If you are about to start your piece of music, but the instrument is not performing the best notes and sounds, the application will be able to help you immediately. With this application, users will need to start and start the ability to tune the instruments exceptionally quickly and easily.

n-Track Tuner Pro


The application has the essential main feature: the ability to adjust the instrument extremely quickly. If you encounter a case of instrument failure right before a performance and can’t find the tuner, then n-Track Tuner Pro will be a great help. With simple taps, place your device right next to the instrument and start playing every second; the app gives you the best results.


And to be able to give its users the most diverse application, the application will also be able to support a lot of different musical instruments. Many instruments will be integrated inside the application, from the essential instruments such as guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, violin. Moreover, the application also gives users who use unique musical instruments such as banjo, mandolin, violoncello, wind instruments the ability to use them as usual.


With a smart application integrated right inside the mobile device, many users have questions about how it works. The application will use integration and turn your device into a spectrum analyzer to answer for users. Before using n-Track Tuner Pro, users will need to enable the ability to access the microphone available in the device so that the application can analyze it in the best way.


But the main feature of this application will only be suitable for music players who want to tune their instruments automatically. So the application has also added the DIAPASON feature to maximize the operations for music players with a custom manual style. With this feature, the user will be able to play a reference tune, ‘A’ (440 Hz), or any other note with the option to drag the frequency slider.

n-Track Tuner Pro n-Track Tuner Pro


Besides, one of the requirements that are always put on top in music-related jobs will be accuracy. The player’s instrument will need to be tuned to the utmost precision in order to play the correct notes in a particular piece of music. So the app will allow its users to select thicker spectral lines, adjust spectrum analyzer visualization options, smooth or highlight peaks or increase or decrease sensitivity, and more.


Moreover, in order to be able to add accuracy, the application has also added a custom set correction feature. Adjustments that are not precise in the way the tuner will be corrected quickly and extremely efficiently. With just a few simple steps like adjusting the reference note, touching the screen, and selecting ‘Correction’ to set the note as the new reference, your work is done.


In addition, the application has also equipped its users with a handy sonogram tab feature. With this feature, application users, when playing musical instruments, will be able to see how the frequency spectrum changes over time, very simply. And now, users will merely follow the adjusted note as it moves through the spectrum as a green line.


One of the last but most essential features for all applications is the interface because a good interface will be able to give its users excellent usability. So the developers of n-Track Tuner Pro have equipped their users with a straightforward interface that is easy to observe and manipulate to be able to bring maximum performance to the user.

n-Track Tuner Pro n-Track Tuner Pro


  • The application was created to make it easy for musical instrument players to tune their instruments.
  • Just by placing the device next to the instrument and playing each string in turn, you will be able to tune the instrument precisely.
  • With the built-in microphones in the device, the spectrum analyzer will support your sound through the application’s filtering ability.
  • For work-related to musical instruments and music, accuracy will always be the top priority in each feature.
  • The user interface is designed to be extremely simple but maximizes the user’s performance.

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