Netflix is ​​planning to offer a free trial of up to 48 hours in the month of December to promote its streaming service in India. Initial information about this free trial has been revealed in the latest Netflix app of Android devices. A code has been found in the app, which indicates that this trial may be called StreamFest. Recently, Netflix COO Greg Peters announced the free weekend trial promotion, which is going to start with India.

Netflix app for Android version The in-app text for 7.78.0 build 11 35157 mentions the Netflix StreamFest trial, first reported by Mishaal Rahman of XDA Developers Public Has been. The written word gives information that this trial will start as a promotional event from December 4.

Apart from this, the in-app text also donates that users will not need to enter their payment details while signing up for this Streamfest trial. This is different from the company’s earlier 30-day trial, which required users to enter their payment method. In this, users had to select the plan by entering their credit card or debit card details, so that they would be shifted to this plan after the end of the promotional trial.

However, users still signing up for the trial will have to enter their phone number Netflix Suggested to Bring 48-Hour Free Trial to India in December, movies and web series on Netflix for two days, starting from December and entering the email address. Will happen. This data will be used only for sending reminder messages.

On the other hand, Netflix Streamfest service may be completely free, but it seems that its Access Ltd. will be The strings on the Netflix app read “Netflix StreamFest is at capacity”. This indicates that this trial will not be available to all users in the country, it may be just limited-group testing by the company.

According to the company’s latest official data, Netflix has more than 195 million subscribers globally. However, this is still not the same as the expected subscriber growth, which was to add 2.2 million subscribers by the third quarter. Apart from this, the company is facing companies like Amazon Prime Video and Disney + Hotstar in India.

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