Mitron App is now once again available on Google Play. This short video platform, which gives an exact TikTok-like experience, was removed from Google Play. The reason was the violation of Google Play policy by the app. Google had said that this app violates the ‘spam and minimum functionality’ policy, but only after removing the app, news came that Google is working with the developers of this app to fix the problems of the app. The very next day after the news came, the app made a comeback on Google Play. Let us tell you, this app had gained a lot of popularity before it was removed by Google, more than 50 lakh people had downloaded this app on their smartphones.

Mitron App once again on Google Play List It is done. The app describes itself as a short video app, which is a Bangalore based social media platform. The user interface of this app is very similar to that of TikTok.

Let us tell you, on June 2, Google removed the Friends app from Google Play. Remove Had given. According to Google’s policy, copying content from other apps without any original changes is a violation of Google’s rules. The policy reads, “We do not allow apps that provide users with an experience similar to apps already on Google Play. Apps should provide better user experience through their unique content and services.”

Just this week, without naming the Mitron app, Samir Samat, Vice President of Android and Google Play, informed in his blog post that his team is working closely with developers to fix problems and bring their app to Google Play. can resubmit. The very next day this app made a comeback on Google Play.

It is worth noting that the Mitron app was launched on Google Play 2 months ago. During this time, anti-China and anti-Tiktok sentiment had started taking birth in the country, which directly benefited this app. People uninstalled Tiktok and started downloading this app. However, recently a major flaw of the Friends app came to the fore, through which hackers can access the account of any user and message anyone. However, in this shortcoming hackers cannot get the personal details of the user like email id etc. At the moment, it is not clear whether the developers have fixed this problem or not.

The only change that has been seen in the official changelog of this app on Google Play is the mention of UX (user experience). While the Friends app is back on Google Play, the recently removed Remove China Apps is still missing from Google Play.

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