Microsoft launched the Surface Book, a two-in-one laptop in 2015. And last year the company decided not to upgrade it. Instead, the company focused on gradually making the laptop available in markets around the world. However, a recent report has claimed that now its upgraded variant is coming and its production has started in large numbers. Surface Book 2 can be launched by the end of this month or in early April.

of Digitimes Report As of now, the production of Surface Book 2 has started on a large scale. And compared to the previous variant, the new variant will not have a two-in-one design. Furthermore, the Surface Book 2 will be a regular laptop, meaning it will not have any detachable or 360-degree hinges to convert it from a laptop to a tablet or can be used in tent mode and lying flat on a table. Looking at the design, it’s a bit disappointing. But the Surface Book 2 laptop will be cheaper with a price of $ 1,000 (about Rs 65,000).

The exact reason behind this change is not yet known, but it seems that Microsoft wants to keep its Surface Book series completely separate from its Surface Pro-series. The report also states that only 5,00,000 Surface Books were sold in 2016. And due to the high price, its sales were very low. Along with keeping the price low, Microsoft expects revenue from its Surface Book series to increase. Rather, it has been estimated in this report that 12 lakh to 15 lakh units may be sold this year as compared to last year.

Furthermore, the report claims that the Surface Book 2 will feature a 13.5-inch display. And it will have a magnesium-aluminum alloy body.

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