The Reaction feature has now become available in the instant messaging app Whatsapp. After a long wait, the company has rolled out this feature for all users. This feature is already present in some other social media apps, including Facebook. Just like you get many emoji in the form of popups to react to a photo or comment on Facebook, now chatting in WhatsApp is going to be easy with the help of this feature. With the help of this feature, emoji can now be used to react to a message on WhatsApp and express your reaction without having to reply through a text message.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook), shared the information about this feature rollout on Facebook. He said that now WhatsApp users will be able to use emoji reaction on the received message. Initially 6 emoji have been included. Thumbsup, Heart, Laughter, Surprise, Sad and Thanks emojis have been provided in this. This new emoji reaction feature is available for all users.

The company says that more emoji will be added to it in the coming times. We are telling you step by step how you can use the new reaction feature of WhatsApp-
First of all open any chat in your WhatsApp.
Tap and hold on any message you want to react to.
On holding, you will see a pop-up for the same message. In this you will see the emoji mentioned above, out of which you can select any one emoji and react to that message.
The selected emoji will appear as a reaction below the message.

Know its benefits too. Earlier, to react to a message, the user had to go to the chat box and select the emoji. It used to take more time as one had to select an emoji among many emojis. Now emojis with common reactions are only available in popups that can be applied to a message as a quick reaction. With this, you do not need to go inside the chatbox and select the emoji and you can react to any message immediately.

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