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Aadhaar number is your identity. Even though the Supreme Court has put some restrictions on its use, it is still mandatory for government services and subsidies. In such a situation, you and I get the Aadhaar Card made. UIDAI takes your fingerprint and retina scan data while making the Aadhar card. This is called biometric data and you share it with the government. Biometric data is used for Aadhaar verification. For example, if you show your Aadhar card as your identity card to buy a SIM, you can allow the telecom company to access the identity card details through your fingerprint. By doing this you can do ID verification faster.

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However, many such cases have also come to the fore where people have alleged wrong use of Aadhaar Biometric Authentication. There are many people who have not even used their Aadhaar card for several days, but have received an email from UIDAI that their data has been accessed through biometric authentication. This is a very frightening issue.

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You can avoid this situation if you go to the UIDAI server and lock the Aadhaar Biometric information. This means that your biometric data cannot be accessed by anyone else. You can also unlock it before using it. You can lock it again after the verification process is complete.

You can lock and unlock Aadhaar UIDAI Biometric Information in this way…

1. Go to the UIDAI website.
2. Enter the 12 number aadhaar number.
3. After this, write the security code shown on the picture shown below the Aadhaar number.
4. Now click on Generate OTP.
5. Thereafter the One Time Password will be sent to your registered phone number through SMS. After that write OTP on the same page.
6. Click on Verify
7. Now check Enable Biometric Locking.
8. After checking Enable Biometric Locking, click on Enable.
9. If you want to disable the lock, then uncheck Enable biometric locking. Then disable.

In this way you will be able to lock/unlock your Aadhaar UIDAI Biometric Information. You can also unlock it according to your need by following the instructions above.

Explain that after locking the biometric data, you will be able to verify Aadhaar based transactions and requests only through OTP sent to the mobile number. Thumb and iris scan facility will be gone.

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