Lenovo is constantly introducing new handsets. The company has been successful in introducing new models keeping in mind the specific usage. vibe p1 big battery phone vibe shot For camera lovers. vibe s1 is introduced to the user who values ​​the look vibe k4 note For the budget segment. Now Vibe X3 has been launched, which is in a way the latest flagship handset of Lenovo.

lenovo vibe x3 Of Price Rs 19,999 But its features are superb which are available in other brands at a higher price. Will Lenovo be able to beat the rivals with this new product? Let’s know.

look and design
This handset looks very much like Vibe K4 Note. With the phone, you will get screen protector, plastic case, USB cable and headset. At first glance the screen looks very big. The power and volume buttons on the right are a bit lower than we’d like. Due to the presence of a hybrid SIM tray, you will be able to use dual SIM or only one SIM and microSD card at a time. There is a 21-megapixel rear camera at the back and a fingerprint sensor below that.
The battery is completely sealed in the aluminum unibody of the phone. The Vibe X3 is 9.3mm thick at the centre. It fits perfectly in the hands. Weighing 175 grams, it will feel heavy.

Lenovo has managed to strike a balance between price and performance. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, Adreno 418 graphics, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage.

lenovo vibe x3 bottom ndtv

The dimensions of the screen are 5.5 inches and the resolution is 1080×1920 pixels. Compared to the flagship devices of other companies, this handset looks to beat. But considering the price, this decision seems right. The 3500 mAh battery present in the device is expected to last for a full day.

Lenovo has tried to make its Vibe UI more clean which we liked. The new UI looks a lot like stock Android. It also has a separate app drawer. You’ll also have customization options, such as a quick access toggle and a unique log feature that shows the old notifications you’ve missed. We found the icon a bit childish and you don’t even have the option to change it. Many Lenovo apps will come pre-installed on the handset. The good thing is that you can remove most of these.

lenovo vibe x3 camera ndtv

You also have several custom options. You can activate the phone by double-tapping the screen, or flip it to lock it.

lenovo vibe x3 screens1 ndtv

The Vibe X3 sports a 21-megapixel rear camera with phase detection autofocus. You can record 4K resolution videos with it. The sensor of the front camera is 8 megapixels. Lenovo has promised that it has got many features for the photographer. Most of these are related to software interfaces, but we didn’t like them much.

lenovo vibe x3 camsample day1 ndtv thumb

Lenovo’s custom camera app takes a little longer to load and has been simplified too much. The app automatically detects the light and adapts itself. You can also disable it if you want.

Photo quality was generally good, but daylight shots were overexposed and shakey at times. The color looked quite dull. Low-light shots came through just fine. According to us, these are only for the use of social media. On the other hand, videos in 4K and 1080 pixels were shot crisp.

Color vibrant and engaging were seen on the screen of this handset of Lenovo. No problem with outdoor visibility. Dual front speakers work well. They give a loud sound but it is not very clear.

lenovo vibe x3 upright ndtv

The Vibe X3 is comfortable to hold in the hand. The handset gave excellent results in benchmark tests. The Vibe X3 battery lasted easily for a day. In our video loop test, the battery lasted for 9 hours and 33 minutes before fully discharging, which is less than what we expected.

our decision
Lenovo has very clearly given the best specifications available in the market. It is worth noting that the price is also less than Rs 20,000. The Vibe X3 is trying to beat the OnePlus 2, Moto X Play and Nexus 5X. This time the company has laid more emphasis on the user experience. We are amazed at how much Lenovo has been able to offer in this handset for this price. It is clear that many nuances have been taken care of in making the device.

If user experience is the most important thing, then Lenovo needs to improve some more. The Vibe X3 is huge and heavy, which means it’s not easy to hold and use. Most disappointed the camera did. The hybrid SIM tray also does not go in favor of this handset.

If you are willing to live with these pros and cons, then the Lenovo Vibe X3 is a ‘paisa vasool’ handset.

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