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The speed of any smartphone and the level of tasking in it depends on the processor. Processor performance in the Android world is usually estimated from the core. The more cores in the Android phone’s processor, the better the performance is likely to be. If there are more cores, then multitasking will be easier with their help, but there should also be suitable RAM. The processor can be said to be like the brain of the phone which controls all the activities. It is an electronic circuit, a chip, whose performance is measured on the basis of hertz, kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz. If the chipset of the processor is better then the performance of your phone will also be good.

Think of the core requirement in such a way that you are playing games, listening to songs and downloading in the background on your mobile at a time. It would be extremely difficult for a single core processor to handle so many tasks at once. In this case, multi-core comes in handy. Viewed this way, dual core will always be better than single core.

Today let’s know about the types of processors, their importance and their features, so that when you buy a smartphone in the future, the selection of processor will play an important role in it:

single core:

This processing unit works on a single core. Being a single processing unit (CPU), it faces a lot of trouble during multi-tasking. Single core processor will not be suitable for those people who prefer gaming or doing more than one task at the same time. It can be called a basic processor, so it can be effective only in simple internet use, apps and light games.

Dual Core:

While the number of core units is single in single core processors, it is two in dual cores. And this is revealed by the name of the processor itself. In simple words, the performance of the smartphone is divided into two equal parts through the dual core processor. Here the user can access the Internet as well as some other apps at the same time. But even this is not considered suitable for heavy tasks in today’s era. It can be said that the dual core processor is capable of giving users only slightly better results than the basic.

Quad-Core Processor:

In this processor, additional two cores are given from the dual core. That is, the user gets double the performance due to having double cores. With 4 core unit, it is helpful in fast data transfer as well as this processor is better for gaming lovers. Along with the game, some light tasks can also be done easily with its help. Overall, with the help of 4 core units, users can expect comparatively better performance.

Octa-Core Processor:

Octa-core is considered one of the latest processors. It has 8 cores. Powered by 8 different cores, this processor not only enhances the speed and performance of the smartphone, but also provides the best experience of video downloading, streaming, multi-tasking.

Apart from these processors, hexa core processors, deca core processors have also been in discussion. The Deca Core consists of 10 core units, which make it easy for the user to perform each task, small or large, with the help of the phone itself. At the same time, talk about the hexa core processor, then it was introduced by Samsung in Galaxy Note 3 Neo. It has 6 cores. It is stronger than dual and quad and multi-tasking is better possible in it.

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