Jio Fiber users will now be able to make video calls from their TVs without an external camera or webcam. The new feature called ‘Camera on Mobile’ will now be available to users through the JioJoin app (formerly JioCall), which will be available on both Android and iOS devices. This feature makes the user’s phone’s camera input for video calls. It enables video calling through JioFiberVoice, which is available with Jio Fiber service to provide calling support to broadband users. Customers can also use the JioJoin app on their mobile phones to make voice calls using landline numbers.

The ‘Camera on Mobile’ feature was being tested for the past several months, however now it has been rolled out for both Android and iOS users.

To make a video call on your TV through the mobile phone’s camera, you must first enter your 10-digit Jio Fiber number on the JioJoin app. After entering the number, you can use the ‘Camera on Mobile’ feature in the JioJoin app’s settings. Now you are all set to use your phone as a webcam to make video calls.

Jio Fiber will advise users to switch their modem to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band for clear video calls. However, you can experience the feature on the 2.4GHz band as well, but there might be some blurriness.

JioJoin app for download app Store And Google Play Available at store. It works on Android 6.0 and iOS devices above 10.0.

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