Apple on Monday finally launched the iPhone SE with a 4-inch screen. The iPhone SE looks similar to the five-year-old iPhone 5S, but its specifications are similar to the current flagship iPhones, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Apple’s launch event was held at the Apple Campus in Cupertino and was a smaller event than Apple’s previous launch event. Gadget 360 constantly brings you live updates from Apple events. At the same event, we got a chance to spend some time with the new iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro. Here’s what it was like to experience with the new iPhone device in the meantime.

If you like to use bigger phones like iPhone 6s Plus, then you will find iPhone SE really a bit light. When we took the iPhone SE in our hands for the first time, we were a little surprised that it was so light. It seemed that we had taken a phone with no battery in hand. Weighing in at just 113 grams, the iPhone SE feels very light in the hand. Along with this, it seems that we have become accustomed to using big, heavy phones. But the design of iPhone SE can be called new and unique.

iPhone SE gives you the feel of being a premium device just like any Apple device. But it’s not quite like the iPhone 5c last time Apple tried to make an affordable phone. Nothing in the iPhone SE is made of plastic. iPhone SE gives you a pleasant feeling when held in hand. However, now the metal finish and nice design is not as difficult in a budget and mid range smartphone as it used to be till a couple of years back. Therefore, it would be a delusion to say that the iPhone SE is far ahead in terms of its design and body, design.

Talking about the physical dimensions of the phone, the iPhone SE can give you the impression of the iPhone 5S, but when it comes to the screen-to-body ratio, this problem of Apple still continues. All Android makers offer larger screens with their phones with multiple iPhone model sizes, but this time too the iPhone has a physical home button with Touch ID sensor. We said this in our reviews of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as well. Now it remains to be seen whether this problem can be solved in the upcoming iPhone models.

Due to the smaller screen on the iPhone SE, we felt that most of the screen would occupy the keyboard when typing and there would be very little room for the actual content, but as you can see in the picture this is the case with the new smaller screen iPhone SE. Not found.

As usual, Apple did not reveal the battery capacity of the iPhone SE. But the iPhone SE is claimed to last at least 13 hours while running internet over LTE, compared to the iPhone 6 (10 hours) and iPhone 6 Plus (12 hours).

Apple says that the iPhone SE is designed to be used with one hand. Apple’s claim is true and we had no problem using the iPhone SE with one hand. Now it remains to be seen how many users leave smartphones with bigger screens and bigger batteries for a compact device. Customers especially in the markets of Asia favor large screen pocket sized ‘phablets’ and now it will be interesting to see if the iPhone SE which is more pocket friendly in many ways can attract more users.

The price of the iPhone SE will start from Rs 39,000 in the Indian market and will be available in India from the beginning of April. Earlier, the company had told the price of iPhone SE at Rs 30,000, but how many people like the phone with the new price tag, it will be known only in the coming time.

It is to be noted that the cost of our correspondent’s stay in Cupertino for the iPhone SE launch event has been borne by Apple.

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