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Mitron App was launched in India as an alternative to TikTok and the advantage of anti-China sentiments has now become such that within 2 months of launch, this app has been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play Store. has been downloaded. Talking about the rating of Mitron app on Google Play Store, it has been rated 4.5 out of 5. The only reason for gaining so much popularity in such a short time is the growing anti-China sentiment in the country, in which people are boycotting everything made by China. However, if we talk about the Friends app, then along with gaining popularity, this app has also been embroiled in controversies. There were allegations about this app that the source code of the app has been purchased from Pakistani developers. Apart from this, it has also been removed from the Play Store once for violating the Google Play Store policy, but only a few days ago, the app developers worked with Google to fix the problems and re-enter the Google Play Store. Took.

According to the latest news, Mitron App has got 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. The company’s CEO Shivank Agarwal announced this in his press note.

As we mentioned, the last two months have not been smooth for the Mitron app, despite 1 crore downloads and a decent ranking. When this app was launched, even though people quickly downloaded this app to their devices due to anti-China sentiment, but after use, users complained that this app has too many bugs and usage. In me it is exactly like Tiktok. Despite all these negative reviews, people downloaded this app so much that within a month this app got 50 lakhs. download had met. However, later Google removed this app from its platform for violating the ‘Spam and Minimum Functionality’ policy. Remove Had given. At the same time, cyber security researcher had also told that it is very easy to hack this app.

Talking about the app, the co-founders of friends told Gadgets 360 that it is not the exact app of Tiktok. He said that all the apps have some common element, although after the launch, several versions of the Mitron app have been launched. It is reported that the team of the app is based out of Bangalore and the initial template of the Mitron app was purchased from the Australian marketplace EnvatoMarket. However, the developer did not reveal the name of the seller from whom he had purchased the source code. Old Reports It was claimed that the source code of this app was purchased from Pakistan.

According to the data available on App Brain, the first version of the Mitron app went live on Google Play on April 17 and received 100,000 downloads in just 7 days.

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