The Indian military wants its personnel to delete everything from TikTok, Facebook, Truecaller and Instagram, to games like PUBG Mobile and dating apps like Tinder, as well as news apps like Daily Hunt and all ‘private blogs’. According to some reports, the army is asking its employees to remove these apps to stop the leakage of information. The inclusion of categories such as dating apps shows that the military is not only concerned about cyber breaches, but also information leaks in the real world. Recently, the government banned 59 Chinese apps, but the list is much larger and is not limited to apps in China.

One of the news agency ANI Tweet There is a picture shared on a page that lists the names of these apps, along with the title ‘Social Media Apps: Banned for Usage’. Citing Army sources in the tweet, it has also been said that the Army has banned these apps to prevent leakage of information. Another from IndiaTV News Report It said that the Army has set a deadline of July 15 to remove these apps, or else the personnel will face action. Earlier, a Times of India Report It was reported in the US that the army had allowed its personnel to use Facebook, but with restrictions such as not wearing pictures in uniform or disclosing the location of its units.

These also include some of the most popular apps in India, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and PUBG Mobile. Apart from this, some big categories have also been included in these such as “All Tencent Gaming Apps” and “Personal Blog”, in addition 59 Chinese Apps That Are Already Banned Huh. The title of the list suggests that there is talk of removing apps here. However, it is not clear whether websites from platforms such as Facebook or Reddit are also banned, as they can be easily accessed from a mobile browser rather than an app.

The ban is clearly related to the tensions that are taking place between India and China, but unlike the official list, the ban will only apply to army personnel. This is not the first time that the military has ordered such a ban. Gadgets Now’s one came out earlier this year Report According to reports, the army had warned officials using Facebook and WhatsApp. The order asked personnel not to carry smartphones to bases and dockyards as well as to warships. Not only this, “the use of Facebook by all naval personnel was prohibited and the use of smartphones within naval bases/establishments/dockyards/warships was prohibited.”

It should also be mentioned that the US Army had also banned the use of TikTok by soldiers. US military spokesman Lt Col Robin Ochoa told US-based news portal, “This is believed to be a cyber threat. We do not allow it on government phones.”

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