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India vs Pakistan, T20 World Cup: Nasser Hussain asks to delete his ‘fake tweet’ on umpiring decisions - News Home

India vs Pakistan, T20 World Cup: Nasser Hussain asks to delete his ‘fake tweet’ on umpiring decisions

The India vs Pakistan match in the Super 12 of the 2022 T20 World Cup saw former England captain Nasser Hussain get involved in an online controversy on Twitter.

Nasser was quoted criticising some of the umpiring decisions in the match – something the 54-year-old immediately pointed out as fake, requesting the user to delete the tweet.

India won the game by four wickets courtesy of Virat Kohli’s unbeaten 82-run innings. But following the result, Pakistan fans criticised the umpiring decisions in the game and alleged that the umpires were in favour of India.

One such fan tweeted a Hussain quote which said, “The umpires made some weird decision(s) in favour of India today but maybe we should keep quiet and not upset ICC and BCCI.”

The tweet got viral and received more than 13 thousand likes and five thousand retweets.

Hussain, however, replied to the tweet saying it is fake and asked to delete the same. “Probably best if you can delete this please .. it’s fake news and a fake quote and definitely not what a great game of cricket like todays deserves !! Thanks,” he replied.

The reason for contention from the Pakistan fans came in the last over of the game, when umpires, to the displeasure of Pakistan team and fans, awarded Mohammad Nawaz’s full toss as a no ball.

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On the following delivery, a free hit, Virat Kohli was bowled out but the batters completed three runs with the stump ricocheting off to the third man region. The Pakistan team appealed for the delivery to be declared a dead ball but the umpires stood by the decision and awarded the three runs.

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