If you make up your mind to travel abroad, then most of the expenses have to be paid on the flight ticket itself. To a large extent, this cost depends on which destination you are moving to. At times, half of your entire travel budget is spent on flight tickets alone. In this context, getting cheap flight tickets is a big challenge nowadays. It is also not that getting better flight deals is impossible in today’s smartphone era but you will have to do some hard work, some research for it. You can get cheap flight tickets with these tips:

some general tips
There are a few things to keep in mind before looking for cheap international flight tickets. While planning your trip, try not to travel in peak season (during a particular local festival). If you want to travel to Europe in August, tickets will be expensive and luckily you will get some cheap offers. After this it is the turn to think about where you are going to travel, on what dates you have chosen. Sometimes you can get cheap flight tickets by simply switching the travel dates back and forth.

You can also save on ticket cost by choosing an airport. Talking about Europe itself, if you do not choose Parag directly, you can choose Amsterdam Airport, where tickets will be relatively cheap. After this you can go to your place by road. This option will not work in India. You have to fly from Delhi to travel to another country. Keep in mind, the busier the airport, the higher the chances of cheap tickets.

Another way is to sign up for the airline’s ‘fly program’. In case of international travel, you will be able to avail many benefits like free flight, ticket upgrade, priority in boarding, permission to carry more weight through this. According to the reports published on all the websites, using a private browser while booking the ticket is not very convenient. You can use VPN to get cheap flight tickets but this route is also cumbersome. At the same time, due to this, you may also have to bear the loss in the affair of cheap tickets at the last minute.
This is how you can get cheap international flight tickets:

search engine

Flight search engines are the most efficient way to find and deliver cheap flight tickets to you. We are suggesting you a list of such search engines, with the help of which you can benefit.

google flights – Information related to flights around the world can be accessed through this browser. It has a better interface and is able to show you the results faster.

ITA Matrix – This is a service owned by Google, which supports Google Flights. If you additionally make changes in the airport and can wait a bit for the results, then it will be better for you.

skyscanner It is a popular website in terms of offering flight tickets in a comparative manner. It is capable of showing results fast. From this point of view, hardly any cheap flight ticket gets discounted. This search engine can also be used through the smartphone app.

momondo Momondo also gives better results when it comes to finding cheap flight tickets. It rates the ticket in results up to 10. The higher the score, the lower the flight time with the lowest cost. Obviously, you will not need to take a flight that travels 31 hours instead of 10 hours to save Rs 2,500.

priceline Priceline is also a great search engine to get affordable flight tickets. It shows you the shortest cost flight by easily filtering it one way.

kiwi – Kiwi.com sometimes offers cheap flight tickets from all the search engines. Visiting Kiwi once before booking a ticket can prove to be a profitable deal.

If you do not want to go the search engine method, then there are other ways too, which can get you a cheap flight ticket –

There are also some services that let you know about cheap flight offers through e-mail. These services charge you the subscription amount, not any commission on your flight. These services monitor your area and keep you updated with various offers. If you have selected the Asia region, you will not be shown flights outside your region.

If you have a US tourist visa for 10 years and you plan to go there anytime of the year, these services will keep you informed about better offers. Using these services we saw a round trip flight from Colombo to Milan with a price of Rs 20,000. Here are the services:

scott cheap flight , This service gives you information about cheap flight tickets through e-mail by selecting the region. In the free package, you can get to see more ads than the deal. To become a premium subscriber, you will have to spend around 2,500 per annum. We got to see relatively Asia based deals through this service.

flystein , Do you want a high priority suggestion? Flystein may be of use to you. From here you will get cheap flight ticket suggestions according to travel dates. You just tell your destination and date, the team will let you know by choosing the cheapest flight tickets. You can be charged up to Rs 3,150 on each ticket.

We also looked at services like Get Me to Europe and I Want That Flight that might meet your need. If you live in Australia or are planning a US-Europe trip, then this service may prove to be suitable for you.

hidden-city ticketing
Through Hidden City Ticketing, you can get tickets cheap but for this you will also have to bear the loss of more than one stop. For example, if you are going from Mumbai to Delhi, you may be given the option of cheap ticketed Mumbai to Lucknow flight, which will also stop at Delhi. In this way the middle destination is hidden in it.

This is only suitable if you have limited items. If you have more luggage then it will go to the destination of the flight. We wouldn’t recommend this kind of service to you at all unless you are very short of money. But if you’re willing to take the risk Skiplagged can also help you with this. Tell us in the comments, which of these methods did you like better.

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