Whenever it comes to filing income tax return, most of the people believe that it is better to do this work only by a chartered accountant. But the reality is something else. Like other government services, filing tax is also very easy, if you file it online. Whether you run your own company, which requires CA to file tax or work in any company. Both can file their tax online very easily by following the instructions given below. The deadline for filing IT returns this year has been extended till August 5. If you haven’t filed it yet, what are you waiting for?

On the official website of Income Tax Department
This year the website of Income Tax Department has been greatly improved as compared to last year. Now it doesn’t seem too troubling. Website design has been improved. Filing of tax return has become easy on this. Especially it is even easier for those employed people who need to download a form and then copy and paste the details of Form-16 given by the company on it. If your tax filing is a bit complicated, then this website is not a good option for you. But if you know which form to download and how to complete the process, click on one of the Income Tax Return link in the download section on the right side. You download the form, fill in all the details, then create an account and file your income tax return on the site.

third party website
Many private companies help you file income tax returns, but before taking their help, you should keep a few things in mind. First of all, you are sharing the full details of your earnings with a private company. Even if companies claim that this data will never be made public, it will always be possible. Secondly, some websites charge a fee for these services. Even if you have not filed income tax return on your own through these websites. This is not a good deal. Some websites provide you the services of a Chartered Accountant for an amount which does not appear to be reasonable. There are also some websites that provide detailed guides on the entire filing process. We would suggest that you go through all the materials available on these websites once.

To file income tax return ClearTax is an excellent option. The website has a detailed guide to the filing process and has a great design. If your company provides PDF file of Form-16, then you can upload that file on this website. After this all the important information present in the file will be automatically extracted. It makes the return filing process easier. And there is no cost to file the return on your own. The ClearTax website also provides CA help.

Taxspanner But you will not get any service for free. If you need CA to file Income Tax Return then you must visit this website once. If you are going to file income tax return on your own, then this is not a good option, as you have to pay at least Rs 249 to use this website. However, we liked Taxspanner because of its nice design. Apart from this, it was also very easy to understand by reading the guide on the website. You can also keep your CA through this website. Well it’s not for everyone, but if you need a full-time CA and don’t know what to do, it looks like a good option.

other options
By the way, there are many such websites on the Internet that allow you to file tax returns online. Well, till now we have not seen any such unique feature which needs to be mentioned. If you do not want to spend money on Taxspanner and want to see some other website besides ClearTax, then definitely check out these three sites:

H&R Block
H&R Block The design is good. This is a free website. Apart from the guide, the facility of CA is also available here. At first glance it looks like a good alternative to ClearTax.

MyTaxCafe To a large extent it is the same. Its design is so great that filing IT returns becomes even easier. However, there is no option to upload Form-16 in PDF format on this website.

MyITReturn The interface is also very clean. If you are filing income tax return on your own then this can be a good option. This is a good website for those people who are freelancers or who have earned money from outside India. There is a special paid tier available on the website which can be used to file income tax return of income earned from outside India.

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