Are you about to buy or planning to buy a new phone? Do you want the best camera smartphone in your budget? Your budget is Rs 10,000 or you are looking at mid-range smartphones in the market. But if you are confused about the best camera phone, then we will make it easy for you. The funny thing is that there are so many affordable options available in the market today for less than Rs 10,000 though it is also true that as your budget increases, the camera quality also gets tremendously better.

To make this list, we have selected the smartphones launched after 2017. We hope that by doing this we will be able to give you information about the phones that come with the old specification. These specifications may not look old at the time of launch. We have included only those camera smartphones in our list that we have reviewed. These are the best camera phones in the Rs 20,000 category.

Phones under Rs 10,000
There are not many options under Rs 10,000, but now the situation is not as bad as before. You will definitely find some handsets that can take good pictures at this price. But, photography in low light is a big problem in this price phone.

Phone Camera Rating Overall Rating
u eureka black 7 8
Lenovo K8 Plus 7 8
moto g5 7 7

1. Yu Eureka Black
This is a great phone in terms of strong battery life and price. The camera of the phone is much better for the price. However, the camera performance could have been improved in low light. u eureka black The display does disappoint but it’s not a bad choice if the camera is your first priority.

2. Lenovo K8 Plus
Lenovo K8 Plus ,review) has a strong battery and is a good all-rounder for its price tag. But it is less than the best smartphone in the under Rs 10,000 category. The phone also has many flaws. Although the phone has a dual-camera setup, there is a strange tinge due to HDR and depth mode problems. But still at this price this handset is a perfect package.

3. Moto G5
moto g5 It is a great option for less than Rs 10,000 and the stock Android experience in the phone is great. The camera works just fine and the best part is that free photos are available for two years through Google Photos. The downside of this handset is its average battery life, but if camera is your priority and your budget is fix then Moto G5 is for you.

Best phones under Rs 15,000
With this budget, you have more options. The three phones in this list are good handsets that will not disappoint you. These are the best camera smartphones under Rs 15,000.

Phone camera rating overall rating
Asus Zenfone 3S Max 8 8
moto g5s plus 8 8
Xiaomi Mi A1 8 8

1. Asus Zenfone 3S Max
A great all-round performer asus zenfone 3s max It is a good camera quality phone for its price. The phone’s battery life and build are its strengths but one of the reasons not to buy this phone could be its performance.

2. Moto G5S Plus
Launched at Rs 15,999 moto g5s plus ,review) in price now Rs 1,000 deducted And it fits into the Rs 15,000 segment. Overall it’s a good option, but the battery performance disappoints here. If you are looking for a phone whose camera performance is its biggest quality. This is the best smartphone in this segment with dual rear camera setup.

3. Xiaomi Mi A1
Xiaomi Mi A1 ,review) The phone is similar to the Moto G5S Plus. The overall rating of the phone is good but the battery performance is poor. Mi A1 has a dual rear camera setup. And we felt that the camera performance is quite good, especially considering the price. The performance could have been better in low light, but the camera app is of great use, which will help the new user.

Best phones under Rs 20,000
In a budget of more than Rs 15,000, you have more great options. And in this segment also we have three contenders. Great photography in low light is not a problem here and the overall camera quality is good. Know the best camera phones under Rs 20,000.

phone camera rating overall rating
Oppo F5 8 8
samsung galaxy on max 8 8
Vivo V5 Plus 8 7

1. Oppo F5
Face Unlock Feature (Which is just a pretense) Feature Oppo F5 ,review) is a great choice with a great display, long battery life and great front and rear cameras. The phone does not have a dual camera setup but good pictures can be taken from this phone.

2. Samsung Galaxy On Max
samsung galaxy on max ,review) is a powerful phone with its battery slightly disappointing. But considering the price, it is worth buying this phone. And the camera of the phone is superb. Another single camera setup that delivers good quality images and good results. In the phone, you get the same performance that you expect from a device of this price.
3. Vivo V5 Plus
Talking about overall performance Vivo V5 Plus ,review) has two key features – battery life and camera quality. The phone has a 20-megapixel front sensor and an additional 8-megapixel depth sensor. Selfie with detailing can be taken even in low light from the phone. With a great rear camera, you will have a great option under Rs 20,000.

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