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Twitter is the best place for chat on social media. The 280-character social media platform has grown rapidly in popularity in India. Every other person is using Twitter to connect with each other. Actually, Twitter is the best medium to express your views or thoughts in less words. The good thing is that famous people from all walks of life also connect with their fans through this. Like Facebook, Twitter is also your virtual identity on the Internet to a large extent.

You might be on Twitter. If not, then we will tell you how you can create your account on Twitter. It is also possible that after using Twitter for a long time, you have become indifferent to it, then we will also tell you how to delete the account.

How to Create a Twitter Account

1. First go to and access the sign up box, or you can go directly to
2. Here enter your full name, phone number/email and password.
3. After that click on Sign Up.
4. Twitter will send you a verification code in an SMS text message to verify the phone number. Enter the verification code in the box that appears on the page.
5. You can also sign up via email if you wish. However, you will be asked for mobile number again on the next page. After this the process with SMS verification code will be completed here as well.
6. Now that you have signed up for Twitter, you can now choose the username of your choice. By the way, Twitter will also suggest some usernames based on your name. You can choose any one of these if you want. It may also happen that the username you entered is not available. In this case, you will have to check about different usernames.
7. Before proceeding, double-check your name, phone number, password and username.
8. Now click on Create My Account.

In this way your Twitter account will be created.

It is possible that you have been using Twitter for several days and now you do not feel like using it, then you can also delete it. Before deleting a Twitter account, you should know one important thing. You can deactivate the account. After this, the application goes to Twitter for permanent deletion. Deactivation can only be done through It is not possible to do such an app.

How to Deactivate Twitter Account

1. First sign in to
2. Now go to Account Settings and then click on Deactivate My Account at the bottom of the page.
3. Now read Account Deactivation Information and then OK to Deactivate My Account.
4. Provide password when asked. This will verify that you want to deactivate the account.

Please note that Twitter retains user data only for 30 days after deactivation. After this the process of deleting the account from the system starts. The company says that this may take up to a week. If you wish, you can activate your account by logging in again within 30 days.

Hopefully, on the basis of the above information, you can do your favorite work related to Twitter.

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