Did you know that you can change the boarding station after buying a train ticket? This facility is available on the website of Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC). This service is for those railway passengers who want to change the boarding station due to any emergency or personal needs. The service was already started by IRCTC.

Please tell that this service is for those users who have booked tickets online. This facility is not available for I-tickets. Apart from this, the boarding station cannot be changed in the ticket purchased through Vikalp service.

Change boarding station on IRCTC website like this…

1. Log on to IRCTC website. Use login id and password.
2. Go to My Account on the new IRCTC website. Here in mouse over go to My Transaction option. After that select the option ‘Booked Ticket History’.

3. After this choose the ticket in which the boarding point is to be changed. You will see different options at the bottom like PNR Status, Cancel Ticket and more. There is also an option of change boarding point here. Click on it.
4. After this a pop window will open. In which will be the name of the station from which you can choose your new boarding point. Here you can change your boarding point.


Important things related to change of boarding station on IRCTC website…

1. It is possible to change the boarding station 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.
2. According to IRCTC websiteOnce the passenger changes the boarding station, he will not have any right to travel on that ticket from the previous boarding point.
3. If the passenger is found traveling from the old boarding station, then he will have to pay the fare for the journey between that station and the new boarding point along with the fine.
4. As per IRCTC rules, only one change is possible in the boarding station. This change is not possible in currently booked tickets.

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